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20% OFF SINGLES 30% OFF CGC Searchlight Comics Blow Out Sale





New Items just added look on page 4 and 5!

20% OFF the prices below!!!First come first serve. Payment expected within three days. If you need a couple more days then that you can let us know and we can see what we can do.


MUST READ: Once I invoice you I will put SOLD next to it but if the invoice is not paid in three days I will have to take down SOLD. Nothing personal at all just need to be fair to everyone. BUT, if you need more then three days please private message me and we can work with you without a problem.


If you would like to see more pictures of an item or have any questions please feel free to email us.


If you are looking for a certain comic please let us know. We have other inventory that we did not add to this list yet and may have the item your looking for in stock.


Paypal Only.


US Shipping: Priority Shipping Only

Unslabed Books Flat Rate of $4.99 Slab Books $12.00 each. If the shipping price is different it will be by the picture (example statue) Free Priority shipping on all Single and CGC orders over $65.00


ALL single items and sets come bagged and boarded


IMG_3625.jpg IMG_3626.jpg IMG_3627.jpg IMG_3628.jpg IMG_3630.jpg IMG_3631.jpg IMG_3666.jpg


Justice League of America #1 Michael Turner Variant cover CGC 9.8 $40.00


All Star Batman & Robin, the Boy Wonder #1 Jim Lee Batman cover CGC 9.8 $35.00


All Star Batman & Robin, the Boy Wonder # 1 Jim Lee Robin cover CGC 9.8 $35.00


Action Comics #456 CGC 9.4 $35.00


Action Comics #383 CGC 8.0 $100.00


Action Comics #419 1st Appearance of Human Target Neal Adams cover CGC 9.6 $200.00


Avengers Invaders #8 Alex Ross Variant cover CGC 9.8 $30.00




IMG_3671.jpg Batman Adventures Mad Love #1 1st Printing Harley Quinn Origin $99.99 SOLD!

IMG_3667.jpg Batman Harley Quinn #1 Very Fine/Near Mint $75.00 SOLD!


IMG_3715.jpg Action Comics #1 1992 Reprint 10-Cent Cover 1st Appearance Superman Very Fine $35.00


IMG_3744.jpg Albedo #4 1st Usagi Yojimbo Cover Fine $20.00


IMG_3768.jpg Amazing Spider-Man #62 Medusa of the Inhumans Good/Very Good $20.00


IMG_3691.jpg Aquaman #42 2nd Appearance of Black Manta Good $15.00


IMG_3727.jpg Avengers #24 J.Scott Campbell Midtown Variant Marvel Comics Near Mint $15.00


IMG_3734.jpg Batman #227 Neal Adams cover Poor $50.00


IMG_3716.jpg Batman #1 Chrome Millennium Gold Stamp Variant Reprint Near Mint $25.00


IMG_3750.jpg Big Hero 6 #1 Near Mint $25.00


IMG_3779.jpg Big Hero 6 #1 and #2 Near Mint $40.00


IMG_3687.jpg Black Panther #1 Very Fine $125.00


IMG_3686.jpg Booster Gold #1 Fine/Very Fine $25.00


IMG_3782.jpg Captain America #359 and #360 1st Appearance of Crossbones Fine $19.99


IMG_3725.jpg Captain America #6 Variant 1st Appearance of Winter Solider Very Fine $20.00 SOLD


IMG_3760.jpg Chaos Effect Omega #1 Gold Retailer Variant Very Fine/Near Mint $15.00


IMG_3761.jpg Chastity Rocked Preview #1 Double Front and Back Cover Error Very Fine $25.00


IMG_3739.jpg Coyote #11 1st Published Todd McFarlane Art Near Mint $20.00 SOLD!


IMG_3692.jpg DC Comics Presents #26 1st Cyborg 1st New Teen Titans Poor $20.00


IMG_3753.jpg Fables #1 Near Mint $40.00 SOLD!


IMG_3682.jpg Fantastic Four #67 1st Appearance of Warlock Very Good $85.00 SOLD!


IMG_3681.jpg Fantastic Four #150 Very Good/Fine $20.00


IMG_3685.jpg Firestorm #1 Fine $35.00 SOLD!


IMG_3689.jpg G.I. Joe A Real American Hero #1 Near Mint $20.00 SOLD!


IMG_3775.jpg Green Arrow #101 Death of Oliver Queen Near Mint $35.00


IMG_3695.jpg Grendel #2 Fine $25.00


IMG_3766.jpg Hard Corps #1 Gold Variant $10.00 SOLD


IMG_3764.jpg Harley Quinn #2 Fine/Very Fine $12.99


IMG_3668.jpg Harley Quinn #1 Variant Amanda Conner Sketch Near Mint $10.00 SOLD


IMG_3669.jpg Harley Quinn Joker's Asylum #1 Near Mint $35.00 SOLD


IMG_3670.jpg Harley Quinn Our World's At War #1 Very Fine/Near Mint $10.00 SOLD!


IMG_3752.jpg Hellblazer #1 Fine $20.00


IMG_3683.jpg Inhumans #1 Very Good $20.00 SOLD!


IMG_3741.jpg Iron Man #304 1st Hulk Buster Armor $20.00


IMG_3755.jpg IZombie #1 Near Mint $25.00 SOLD!


IMG_3774.jpg Jason vs Leatherface #2 Very Fine/ Near Mint $12.99


IMG_3732.jpg JSA Classified #1 Adam Hughes Variant 1st Print Amanda Conner Palmiotti Near Mint $20.00


IMG_3726.jpg Justice League #1 Variant New 52 Fine $12.99 SOLD!


IMG_3672.jpg Legends #3 1st Appearance of Suicide Squad Near Mint $40.00


IMG_3674.jpg IMG_3675.jpg Marvel Premiere #47 and #48 1st Appearance of Ant-Man Fine/Very Fine $75.00 SOLD!


IMG_3688.jpg Marvel Premiere #57 1st American Comic Appearance Fine $10.00


IMG_3743.jpg Marvel Super-Heroes Winter Special 1991 1st Appearance of Squirrel Girl Near Mint $40.00 SOLD!


IMG_3701.jpg Maximum Carnage #1 Akklaim Entertainment Promo Near Mint $30.00 SOLD


IMG_3680.jpg Ms Marvel #17 1st Appearance of Mystique Good $20.00


IMG_3694.jpg Nova #8 1st Cosmo Dog Fine $10.00


IMG_3740.jpg Power Girl #1 Adam Hughes Variant Near Mint $12.99


IMG_3770.jpg Prime #1 Hologram Variant Very Fine/ Near Mint $35.00


IMG_3742.jpg Punisher Kills the Marvel Universe #1 Near Mint $20.00 SOLD!


IMG_3754.jpg Sandman #1 Very Fine $50.00 SOLD!


IMG_3765.jpg Shadowman #0 Gold Variant Very Fine/Near Mint $25.00


IMG_3738.jpg Spider-Man #1 Todd McFarlane Signature Very Fine/Near Mint $30.00


IMG_3702.jpg Stan Lee Meets Spider-Man #1 Near Mint $20.00


IMG_3673.jpg Suicide Squad #1 Fine/Very Fine $25.00


IMG_3736.jpg Supergirl and the Legion of Super-Heroes #23 Near Mint+ $300.00 SOLD!


IMG_3771.jpg Superman's Girlfriend Lois Lane #71 2nd Silver Age Appearance of Catwoman Very Good $15.00


IMG_3722.jpg Superman Platinum Edition #75 UNBAGGED Near Mint $99.99


IMG_3721.jpg Superman Man Of Steel Superboy vs King Shark Kenner Giveaway Promo $75.00


IMG_3757.jpg Millennium Edition Superman #1 Reprint Variant Chrome Very Fine $35.00


IMG_3746.jpg Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #24 Fine $20.00


IMG_3747.jpg Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #25 Fine $20.00


IMG_3748.jpg Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #18 Near Mint $24.99


IMG_3747.jpg Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #10 Very Fine/Near Mint $10.00


IMG_3693.jpg Thor Annual 6 Guardians of the Galaxy Fine $19.99


IMG_3723.jpg Transformers #80 Last Issue Fine $20.00


IMG_3756.jpg Transmetropolitan #1 Very Fine $25.00


IMG_3696.jpg Turok Dinosaur Hunter #1 Gold Variant $14.99


IMG_3728.jpg Uncanny X-Force #1 Signed by Rick Remender Certificate Included NM $20.00



IMG_3697.jpg Unity #0 Red Logo Variant Near Mint $40.00 SOLD


IMG_3698.jpg Unity #1 Silver Variant Very Fine/Near Mint $15.00


IMG_3763.jpg Watchmen #1 Very Fine $25.00


IMG_3751.jpg Witchblade #1 Very Fine $20.00


IMG_3731.jpg Wonder Woman #72 Brian Bolland Cover Near Mint $20.00 SOLD!


IMG_3733.jpg Wonder Woman #184 Adam Hughes Variant Near Mint $30.00 SOLD!


IMG_3676.jpg IMG_3677.jpg X-Factor 5 and 6 1st Cameo and 1st Full Appearance of Apocalypse Fine+ $50.00 SOLD!


IMG_3678.jpg IMG_3679.jpg X-Factor 23 and 24 1st Cameo and 1st Full Appearance of Archangel Fine $30.00


IMG_3690.jpg X-Men Annual 14 1st Appearance of Gambit Very Fine/Near Mint $15.00


IMG_3730.jpg X-Men Origins Nightcrawler #1 Very Fine/Near Mint $20.00


IMG_3785.jpg Amazing Spider-Man #568-573 New Ways To Die Variant Set Near Mint $75.00


IMG_3783.jpg Avenging Spider-Man #9 and #10 1st Carol Danvers as Captain Marvel $15.00 SOLD!


IMG_3781.jpg Batman A Death in the Family #426-429 Very Fine/Near Mint $40.00


IMG_3778.jpg Big Hero 6 #1-5 Near Mint $99.99


IMG_3800.jpg Catwoman When in Rome #1-6 Near Mint $15.00


IMG_3784.jpg Ghost in the Shell 2 #1-11 Near Mint $40.00


IMG_3801.jpg The Goon #1-44 Very Fine/Near Mint $100.00


IMG_3798.jpg Gotham Girls #1-5 Very Fine/Near Mint $50.00 SOLD!


IMG_3797.jpg Infinity War #1-6 Very Fine $30.00


IMG_3799.jpg JLA/Avengers #1-4 Near Mint $20.00


IMG_3786.jpg Labyrinth #1-3 Fine/Very Fine $30.00


IMG_3777.jpg Legends #1-6 1st Appearance of Suicide Squad Very Fine/ Near Mint $40.00


IMG_3789.jpg Marvel Zombies Return #1-5 Near Mint $15.00


IMG_3792.jpg Spider-Man: Blue #1-6 Near Mint $20.00


IMG_3780.jpg Transformers #1-4 Fine/Very Fine $30.00 SOLD!


IMG_3796.jpg The Umbrella Academy #1-6 Fine/Very Fine $30.00


IMG_3788.jpg World War Hulk #1-5 Very Fine/Near Mint $20.00










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I'm going to hate myself but I'll Take

Marvel Super-Heroes Winter Special 1991 1st Appearance of Squirrel Girl Near Mint $40.00

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Is $300 on Supergirl a typo??


I'm there with you. I knew it was popular but I thought it was a $20 book. I'll have be on the look out for copies this summer.

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