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Didn't have much luck on the last listings before they expired.

Had some traffic from linking things up here so thought Id try it again.

After getting a bunch of really low ball offers ($4 for a $25 book type stuff) I decided to bundle all of my variants Ive been trying to sell into one massive posting; please take a look :)


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Odin's Eye   
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Hello I am new here and just got my first 30 books back from CGC. Thought I would link them up here to get some traffic and hopefully some sales. I have not listed all 30 yet but expect to by end of day. I also have plenty of raw books for sale as well.


My ebay id: Odinseye2008


Preacher #1 9.4


Preacher #51 9.8


Deadpool (1997 1st series) #12B Variant cover 9.8


Deadpool (2008 2nd Series) #1 9.8


Sabretooth Special #1 9.8


Spider-girl #0 9.8


Superman #160 9.8


Wolverine #131 (Recalled Editon) 9.8


Wonder Woman #72 9.4


Amazing Spider-man vol.2 #36 9.6


Deadpool #42 9.6


Wolverine #1 8.5

Edited by Odin's Eye

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ArtbyAtlas = artbyatlas


Hello the the CGC Forums by the way! This is my first post :) I make plenty of original comic art; I'm a Penciller + Inker + Colorist. I've done pinups and sequentials for several webseries, ranging from sci-fi to Horror. My most recent works are various sets I made for a soon-to-be-released card game, as well as a pages for a short horror story in the Tales of Atopos anthology.

Edited by ArtbyAtlas

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Havok Jinx   
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I've gotta clear up some space in my office, so I'm getting rid of a few books in my collection at auction with no reserve. Please feel free to check them out. I will be adding more every week this month. Thanks.


eBay: jinx.havok



Deadpool Vs. Carnage #1 CGC SS 9.8 -- Signed by Cullen Bunn


Deadpool Vs. Carnage #2 CGC SS 9.8 -- Signed by Cullen Bunn


Deadpool Vs. Carnage #3 CGC SS 9.8 -- Signed by Cullen Bunn


Deadpool Vs. Carnage #4 CGC SS 9.8 -- Signed by Cullen Bunn



Nighthawk #1 Hip-Hop Variant CGC SS 9.6 -- Signed by Bill Sienkiewicz



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A lot of great variants for sale ending next week. Please take a look:


A-Force #1 Jorge Molina Variant Cover. Limited 1 for 25;

A-Force #1 Adam Hughes Inhumans 50th Anniversary Variant Cover. Limited 1 for 50.

Age of Apocalypse #1 Andy Clarke Promo Variant Cover. Limited 1 for 20.

All New All Different Avengers #1 Alex Ross Vintage Variant Cover. Limited 1 for 100 + BONUS! 2015 Free Comic Book Day (FCBD) Preview Book.

All New X-Men #18 Stuart Immonen Variant Cover. Limited 1 for 50.

Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows #1 Legacy Edition Exclusive Adi Granov Sketch Variant Cover.

Avengers #3 Daniel Acuna Avengers 50th Anniversary Variant Cover + BONUS! Standard Edition Cover.

Avengers #19 John Cassaday Avengers Through The Decades 2000s Variant Cover.

Avengers #35 Agustin Alessio Time Runs Out Variant Cover. Limited 1 for 10.

Avengers #44 Jim Cheung End Of An Era Variant Cover X3.

Avengers: Ultron Forever #1 Mike McKone Avengers Variant Cover Cover. Limited 1 for 15.

Black Knight #1 Eric Powell Variant Cover. Limited 1 for 25.

Captain America: White #1 Mahmud Asrar Variant Cover. Limited 1 for 25.

Civil War (2015) #1 Nick Bradshaw Inhumans 50th Anniversary Variant Cover. Limited 1 for 50.

Doctor Strange #11 Adam Hughes Variant Cover. Limited 1 for 50.

Death of Wolverine #1 GameStop Power Up Rewards Exclusive Greg Horn Color Variant Cover. Limited to 8000; AND, Dynamic Forces (DF) Exclusive JG Jones Variant Cover with Certificate of Authenticity (COA).

Death of Wolverine #4 Juan Doe Variant Cover. Limited 1 for 50.

Eternals #1 Olivier Coipel Variant Cover.

Karnak #1 Gerardo Zaffino Variant Cover. Limited 1 for 25.

Marvels, Avengers and X-Men: Axis #1 Mike Deodato Young Guns Complete Variant Cover. Limited 1 for 50; AND, Siya Oum Variant Cover.

Marvels, Avengers and X-Men: Axis #2 Kris Anka Inversion Variant Cover. Limited 1 for 100.

Marvels, Avengers and X-Men: Axis #4 David Marquez Young Guns Variant Cover. Limited 1 for 50; AND, Clay Mann Inversion Variant Cover. Limited 1 for 100.

+ BONUS! Issue #4, 6, 8, 9 Standard Edition Covers.

Marvels, Avengers VS X-Men #11 Leinil Yu Avengers Team Variant Cover

Marvel: Point One (2011) #1 Nick Bradshaw Variant Cover.

New Avengers #31 Laura Braga Women Of Marvel Variant Cover.

New Avengers #33 Jim Cheung End Of An Era Variant Cover.

S.H.I.E.L.D. (Shield) #1 Blank Variant Cover; AND, Skottie Young Variant Cover; AND, Steve McNiven Young Guns Variant Cover; AND, Valerio Schiti Young Guns Variant Cover; AND, John Tyler Christopher Deadpool Party Variant Cover; AND, Marvel's Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. Photo Variant Cover. Limited 1 for 15 + BONUS! Standard Edition Cover.

Squadron Supreme #6 Butch Guice Classic Variant Cover. Limited 1 for 15.

Thor #2 Esad Ribic Variant Cover. Limited 1 for 25; AND, Chris Samnee Variant Cover. Limited 1 for 25 + BONUS! Standard Edition Cover.

Thor #6 Pasqual Ferry Inhumans 50th Anniversary Variant Cover. Limited 1 for 50.

Thunderbolts #1 Mark Bagley Variant Cover. Limited 1 for 25.

Ultimate End #1 David Marquez Variant Cover. Limited 1 for 25.

Ultimate Spider-Man #150 Mark Bagley Wraparound Variant Cover.

Uncanny Avengers #18.NOW In-Hyuk Lee Variant Cover. Limited 1 for 50.

Uncanny Avengers #19 Agustin Alessio Variant Cover. Limited 1 for 50.

Uncanny Avengers #1 Daniel Acuna Teaser Variant Cover. Limited 1 for 20; AND, Gabriele Dell'Otto Variant Cover. Limited 1 for 25.

Uncanny Avengers #3 Mike Deodata Jr. Variant Cover. Limited 1 for 25.

Uncanny Avengers #3 Tradd Moore Variant Cover. Limited 1 for 25.

Uncanny Inhumans #0 Bill Ward What The Duck (WTD) Variant Cover + BONUS! Standard Edition Cover.

Uncanny X-Men #492 Marc Silvestri Variant Edition Cover. Limited 1 for 20.

Uncanny X-Men #12 Christopher Bachalo Variant Cover. Limited 1 for 25.

Uncanny X-Men #14 Marvels Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. Variant Cover.

Uncanny X-Men #23 John Tyler Christopher Guardians Of The Galaxy Variant Cover. Limited 1 for 15; AND, San Diego Comic-Con 2014 Homage Variant. Limited to 5,000.

War of Kings #1 Ron Lim Variant Cover.

Wolverine #36 Joe Quesada Variant Cover.

Wolverine and the X-Men #37 Kris Anka Variant Cover. Limited 1 for 25.

X-Men #80 Dynamic Forces (DF) Joe Quesada Variant Limited to 15,000 with Certificate of Authenticity (COA) BONUS! X-Men: Universe 1999 Preview #1.

X-Men #100 Paul Smith Variant Cover; AND, John Byrne Variant Cover; AND, John Romita Jr. Variant Cover + BONUS! Standard Leinil Francis Yu Cover.

X-Men #200 Humberto Ramos Wraparound Cover.

X-Men: Legacy #275 Salvador Larroca Final Issue Variant Cover.

X-Men #1 Dynamic Forces (DF) Mark Brooks Exclusive Cover. Limited to 3000 with Certificate of Authenticity (COA).

X-Men #6 Terry Dodson Variant Cover. Limited 1 for 25.

X-Men: Battle of the Atom #2 Esad Ribic Variant Cover. Limited 1 for 50.

X-Tinction Agenda #1 Mike Deodato Variant Cover. Limited 1 for 25.


DC Comics:

All Star Batman #1 Declan Shalvey Variant Cover.

Convergence #0 Tony S. Daniel Variant Cover; AND, Patrick Zircher Variant Cover. Limited 1 for 50 + BONUS! Divergence 2015 Free Comic Book Day (FCBD) #1

Justice League #1 Aspen Comics Michael Turner Color Variant Cover; AND, Dynamic Forces (DF) Tyler Kirkham Variant Cover with Certificate of Authenticity (COA). 

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Finally got around to updating the list. Names have been added and a couple of people on the list are now on the Probation or Hall of Shame Lists. If you see any discrepancies (spelling, name changes, etc.) let me know and I'll correct them.


143ksk 143ksk

1st-and-keys 1st-and-keys

3319comics 3319comics

427Impaler 427Impaler

aardvark88 aardvark88


absolutecarnage absolutecarnage

Aces aceshigh3

adampasz adampasz

Adremere adremere

aelelarkin aelelarkin

Agent007 calnon007

AGGIEZ aggiez12

Ajax xokxcop

Ajester Ajesterasm

Alessio Quaresima talquale

AlexH hedgehog60

all4comics all4comics

AmazingComics413 amazingcomics413

ArAich nowidriveachevy

Ares codeares

arexcrooke arexcrooke

ArtbyAtlas artbyatlas

athuss athuss

awakeintheashes constablecomics

BeachBum venicedre


beaumonts beaumonts

bghkoyama neenish

Big Dip baconcakebooks

Big Kid Company bigkidcompany

BigMan jasons-auctions

BIGNASTY karl9305

BILL43 samurai-bill

BillC carmineinfantinofan

bill_robinson billrobfpc

Bills Comics billscomicsnmore

blazingbob Blazingbob

blutobc blutobc

bondguy cary8655

Boozad boozad

BradleyX2 brad158

Brandon Shepherd goodshepherdgrade

Branget branget

Bruno_s4 Bruno_s4

bstevenscomics silver-age

bubbagump bubbagump50

BuckeyeChaos csaurer

bullet123 bullet123

Bunky Brian bunkybrothers

byosti byosti

Calamerica calamerica-collectibles

camper49 camper49

canickus canickus

casey1870 casey1870

cashkalil Ca$hkalil

cavecarson cavecarson

cay037 christopherscomics2011

Ccmp99 ccmp99

cd4ever cd4ever

chuxtuff chuxtuff

Cimm cimmerian32

ciorac gotham39

CJ halasraider

ckp1680 ckp1680

Clouded9 clouded9

Colicab rcolicab

coloradosox coloradosox

colossuscomics smortensen

ComicAL quincees

Comic Book Guy placetobuyandsell

comicdey comicdey

comicdonna comicdonna

comic_lot comic-lot


comic_memories comic_memories

ComicsandCode bedoscollectibles

comicscholar 2716jamesk

comics-n-stuff comics-n-stuff

ComicsZombie Aoskar

comix4sale comix4sale

Compman09-63 compman09-63

cosmic-spider-man cosmic-spider-man

cpannell cpannell

cujobyte cujobyte29

curves&comics mjesusdos

CW Bordessa

Dale Roberts cbmadness


deathlok moocowcomics

Deucedriver comicsbysean

DiceX evncaer

divad divadrabnud

DJB TwoDope

DocDiMento dime581

Doiby_Dickles larryw7

Doohickamabob doohickamabob

Dover doverkad5ukq

drbanner drbanner

Dr Chaos coreyinkeasbey

drewincanada armchair

drice6900 drice6900

Dr. Love romancecollector

drummy drummy

dupont2005 comics4sale00

Dustman Busterdust

dzminn dzminn

ebtorres elliotness13

eddly benandmichal

edgerx worldsofwonder

elove sector2814comics

Erato abiinmalamcrucem

ericc123 ericc123

Escaflown4 Escaflown4

esquirecomics Esquirecomics

everlongcomics gonzos_dad

Every Day A Story dimension50

Fastballspecial rha27

Fazybones arveylazybones

fentopal fentopal

fiendish choco_bob

fifties fifties

flaming_telepath gwentleaf

Flash105 jcasisco

FIComicFan allstar-comics

FlyingDonut flying-donut

fm62 ngsiegel

ft88 ft88

Furby goffins16

G.A.tor newforcecomics

gaz2810i gaz2810

gernblanston thedames

gman gman9991

Godfather's Comic godfatcom

goldust40 goldust40

goofdog michaelrules88

Grails grails

GreatEscape Stars-and-stripes

grebal grebal

greggy greggy

grover96 kyerwi

HavokJinx jinx.havok

hawkeye613 fantasy_escape

HaydenTO them0thership

HellBoy2012 gonzos_dad

HemiGTX Mhaus1069

Hensley300 Hensley300

heymikesays heymikesays

Hiro amazingcomic

Hobgoblin khurst34

hpz82 elieo2014

HugeRosen HugeRosen

HulkSmash razzmatazzcomics


HypnoTronic HypnoTronic

iceman399 iceman399

Illustrious rutheshadiest

ImperiusRex mkaplan4

Inhuman Fiend gscharlach

invincible12772 newlifeforme12772

JasonDaTwit jeircho_macintosh

jbud73 jskywalker_73

jcmcdonald1985 jcmcdonald85

J Dub i_am_j_dub

Jester Hats thegreenrobot

Jgel re-play

jimmcstunna equilibrium-inc

Jking3437 libertycitycomics

JmC Rapid_ fire_Comics

Joel Elad joel.elad

JoeMaggio JoeMaggio

joeypost joeypost

Johnny545 johnny545


John R prodigy44

jokersrevenge a_ratcliffe

JollyComics mjsjes2jzd2

Jonesin4comics monkeycat79

jonjesper order_66

jools∼ garagerocker1

jop rockysmom1974

jsilverjanet jsilverjanet

jump_ace jump_ace

Junkdrawer junkdrawer16000

kahml kahml

Kaptain Kollektor tegrady

Karma23 dogma93

Kenners lastsurfer64

Kevin_Boyd kevthemev

khaosra comic_insanity

Khumbu spiritmountain1600

kidcolt potvin-the-cat

Kirk Kenobi than86

klozd24seven klozd24-7

knightsofold jotaro

Kramerica marshallluckyscomics

KPR Comics kprcomics

kryptospidey shappell2929

langur88 monkeyhouse-entertainment

Leroys311 eroy40

Liaton-9000 Liacon2009

LoneTree brian_gilpatrick

Mac Man usarmyboy

MadGenius Madgeniusscripts

Mad Titan roscoe808

MagnusX cgcmagnus

Mangbus Sidmang571

marauder billysteel

maraxusofkeld maraxusofkeld

marmat teobbes

Matmarvel Matsmarvs

mattinglymint23 Jpscardcollection

mccollect mcrven

MCMiles mikecmiles

MemorezGuy nettoons

MemphisChad Buyingguy55

meself lufcok

meshuggah meshuggah9423

metarog metarog

Michelangelo michelangelo.keycomics

Mike_Bray mikebraycomics

mikelutes mikelutes

MikeS mikes_comics_n_stuff

Mister_Comics Biz_E_Bidder

mister_not_so_nice mister-not-so-nice

mjacobs8 Bigwins61

Mkkiller mkkiller1

MODOK john-c-holmes

MostAwesomeComics mostawesomecomics

mr_highgrade mr.highgrade

mrwoogieman mrwoogieman

mudbogger2 mudbogger2

MultiSig Mike BatmanInc

Mumford's Comics mumf69

musicmeta musicmeta

MutantKeys mutantkeys

MyParentsComics myparentscomics

mysterio mysterio

nahuel miamicomics18003115

naits na!ts

namisgr namisgr

nepatkm nepatkm

nerfherder-3 nerfherder-3

nextlevelmp timeless_icons

nikocb nikocb1

no_reserve_comics noreservecomics

Norinn Radd Dave0126

Nostalgic Attic nostalgicattic

NTHstars thommaddie123

october fire living_monolith

Odin’s Eye Odinseye2008

oldbsturgeon heifetz004

OldGuy OldGuy100

OrangeNemesis orangenemesis

Par2ch comixandclix

Paratrooper paratrooper54

Passport Comics passport-comics

Pirate pirate2323

Pitboss originalpitboss

pkw pkw_in_sb

plasticmoz plasticmoz

plitch comixitch

PtTuller PtTuller

PurpleZeke purplezeke

r100comics r100comics


retrothecollector smugglers_cantina

rh3522 rh3522

Rhino_Comics rhino_comics

Ringfinger Ringfinger 1999

Rip Grodd


R-Man lobo7

Rob VintageBatman

ROBTOTHEC robtothec

Robysue Robysue

Rocketeer the_rocketeer!

rube11 Rube11

Saber33 catblaze33

Sajack152 JBeard786

Sandflea mechasmith1, innercitycomix

sborock certifyit

scheradon cheradon

sckao splastic

sclemons chestmelons

scupbucket mwidmann

sd2416 501_comics

Sensei Ryan maewashi-geri

Shark mikesmarvels1957

Sharkey rhino_comics klozd24-7

silverage12c silverage12c

Silver_Fox silver_fox666

Silvers24 Silvers24

Silver_Surfer orion_orionmystery

Skynwalker mcelveen

skypinkblu Skypinkblu

slackjawcomics ffcomics

slym2none pewter4144

Socratic Wonder ronaldofierro

Solar brettsstuff

SolitaireOne SolitaireOne

Spideydan spideydan

SPIRIT_RADIO blamblam2003

spotted13 wishedaway

sroszkowski optimaldetroit

sterlingcomics sterlingcomics

Steve_HOCP steve_hocp

Storm Shadow gladiuk666

Stout1a Faithlei

Stromm zanzair

Strongislandcomix strongislandcomics

Substitute Duke heronext

supapimp supapimp


SW3D screenwriter3d

Swanson6676 matth41620

swapto swapto


thanos_oftitan thanos_oftita

Thatcomicbookguy jarrod.edwards

TheGeneral americaniron34

thehumantorch thehumantorch

The Paper Monster greencatscradle


theTrust arsenal_united

THB Starman34

thunderkitten ambyambyamby

tigers comics tigerscomics

tilleycs tilleycs

Timulty Timulty

Tiziano comicfreaks

TLC55555 TLC55555

tomega tomega

towards2112 spacecitycomics, starcitycomics

Trey Cannon silver-agebuyer1975

trinitynzxt it_pro_store

tth2 tth2

Tvcomics Tvcomics

uclapeterg Discountcomics

UltraMaximus XultramaximumsX

VK phinders-keepers

voorhees key_issues

Vtcomics Vtcomics

Wall-Crawler more_fun_comics

wanart wwwfungoods


WHIZ_BANG_POW mhug5794

whomerjay rayp1958

WordSlinger wordslinger81

Worldsbestcomics worldsbestcomics

youmechoose zarduzi

Zanziber frogger797


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By the way, if anyone can explain to me how to post the list so that the Board name and eBay name aren't run together I would certainly appreciate it. I used to have the names in an Excel format but now have it in Word format with tabs between the 2 columns. But as soon as I paste the list in there the tabs disappear.


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Amazing Spider-man #14 CGC SS 6.0 Stan Lee

This was my first book I got signed and I am partial to it. Love the sig placement and color. I got to chat with Stan briefly about this one. Ill miss it. ;)


Amazing Spider-man #14 CGC SS 8.5 Stan Lee

BEAUTFUL cover. I am looking to upgrade my ASM 14 to over 9.0. So, looking to sell if price is right.


Amazing Spider-man #129 CGC SS 8.5 Stan Lee, John Romita Slight Cover Color Touch

This book can definitely benefit from a press and hopefully can have color touch removed. I bought like this.


Fantastic Four #46 CGC SS 7.5 Stan Lee, Joe Sinnott

This one as well can benefit from a press. I did not press before sending to CGC. I believe its 8.0+, but thats my opinion.


Luke Cage Hero for Hire #1 CGC SS 7.5 Stan Lee, John Romita

Like the others, I believe a press can help this one get to 8.0+.


Batman Rebirth #1 SDCC Foil CGC SS 9.0 signed by King , Finch, Jim Lee


Tom King signature was already on this when I got it. Again, a press could probably help this to remove finger prints or rippling.


Reborn #1 Capullo Variant CGC SS 9.8 Signed Capullo and Glapion


Reborn #1 Jock Variant CGC SS 9.8 Signed Capullo and Glapion


Reborn #1 Capullo Sketch Variant CGC SS 9.8 Signed Capullo and Glapion


The Walking Dead: 100 Negan Cover CGC SS 9.6 Signed Kirkman, Moore


The Walking Dead: 108 First Ezekiel CGC SS 9.8 Signed Kirkman, Moore


I can provide images of any of these. Just let me know.

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