20% off RAW, LOVELY, GOLDENAGE BOOKS, ALL FLASH to Undercover 3D glasses ADDED
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I'm adventurous.



Adventure Comics #204, 1954


Stories include Superboy in the “Super Brat of Smallville”, Aquaman in “The Lagoon of Doom” and Johnny Quick in “King Comedy” and The Green Arrow in “the Amazing Arrowthon”

This is one of those odd DCs with the strange page counts, 12 pages before the staple, 8 after, with 4 leaves sliced out of the back end. It’s the same as a few of the GA war books, just odd, but complete.

The cover is detached and split to the first staple and there is a lot of dirt on the first page, there is a sliver off the side of one page. There are some tears on the back. That piece on the back is there, just folded back in the scan.


A basic Good- (1.8)


Bin is $30





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Unfortunately a rare bird these days, lol..


Clue 8 and Adventure 204 are sold to Selegue! Thanks, Jack:)

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:news: 15% off all books, 20% off if you have made a purchase from this thread prior to today!

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New and not included in the discount!


I was looking through the threads and I noticed someone was selling a book missing the 3D glasses as many 3D books are.


I bought these years ago. I have 30 sheets of Harvey 3D glasses. Each sheet has 2 pair.


I have 30 sheets. Price is $25 shipped (boxed 1st class) for 10 sheets (20 pair) of 3D glasses.


These are from the early 50's.


or $65 shipped for all 30 sheet (60 pair).


Not all of them are perfectly flat, but they are unused, the colors vary a little a few are a darker blue paper.




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:news:20% off, offer good until 10am tomorrow , then the thread will close. Thank you all.


Here is what's left. Since I had them out of order, I alphabetized

Page 7

Action Comics #190. 1954 It’s a reading copy, Bin is $30.00

Action Comics #191, Grade is Good+ (2.5) Good guide is $68 bin is $70.



Page 1

All American 43, 1942, Gd/VG because of the foxing. Bin is $200


Page 6

All Flash #9, 1941, Fine- (5.5)Guide is $291, bin is $250


Page 1



Crack Comics #12,1941, publisher is Quality

Lou Fine cover Bin is $275


Page 4

Flash Comics #16 VG $350


Flash Comics #23, Moldoff Hawkman outstanding cover. bin is $115.


Page 2

Green Lantern #12, 1944Grade is Good ..maybe Good+ (2.0 to 2.5) Bin is $135

Marvel Mystery Comics #73, Timely 1946 Nice with amateur restoration

Bin is $275.

Master Comics #70, Captain Marvel Jr Grade is VG (4.0) bin is $40

Page 7

Police Lineup #2,. Grade is VG. Bin is $50

The Saint #6, Lots of GGA art, Grade is Gd/VG (3.0) bin is $65

The Saint Detective Cases. #7. . Grade is Good- (1.8) . Bin is $25

The Saint “The notorious Murder Mob” #9. The grade is VG- (4.5) bin is $40


Page 8


Shield Wizard 5, Grade is Fair/Good. Bin is $130

Shield Wizard 6, Bin is $195

Shield Wizard #9, Grade is Good-, maybe Good, bin is $210

Undercover Girl #5, Starr Flagg (ME) Low grade bin is $35

Undercover Girl #6, Starr Flagg, ME. f. Grade is Fine- (5.5) Bin is $65

Page 9


Wow Comics # 54 Mary Marvel and Mr. Scarlett.Grade is VG/F Bin is $50


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