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Beautiful 9.6 with white pages up on CL in case no one mentioned it.


I want it for myself, but am slowing down a little bit for the next few months.

Well, going to try to anyways, lol ,


Good luck!

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Hey everyone!


I've asked Gemma to update the Moon Knight (Master Set) or the Registry.


I've asked for the


MK (2011) issues #3 and up


MK (2014) all issues.


If you know of any other that are missing,l please post in the set expansion thread located in the Registry forum.



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Since we're posting keys. Let's see your Werewolf By Night #32 copies….


Still actively looking for a CGC 9.8 copy.




This is SICK.


Good luck with that 9.8.... It should be the end plot of an Indiana Jones movie.

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In terms of centering, do people prefer the "25c" on the left or all of his cape on the right ? I think this might be one where I prefer the full artwork.

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