Mouse Guard #1 B&W ComiXpress Edition 2005 on eBay Belly of the Beast

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Hi Folks. I am new to the board. I am happy to have stumbled upon you guys, and wanted to let you know that I have this book up for auction currently. It doesn't pop up very often, but I came across it in the estate sale of a guy in upper Michigan (Bill Baker) who used to write comic reviews. I believe David Petersen must have sent this to him in '05 hoping to get it reviewed.


Anyway...I know the auction ends tomorrow, but feel free to reach out with any questions (either here, through eBay, or through my personal email).


Take care, and I look forward to hanging out on these boards with you.


Scott Harpt

scott_harpt at yahoo

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Hey, I know this thread is ancient but this books goes up for sale I still found it easily. 

Parting with my signed, ungraded copy of Mouse Guard 1 ComiXpress. Auction here:


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