Garth Ennis's 'The Boys' the next Ennis series for TV!?
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19 hours ago, Pete Marino said:

I can't wait, after a bit of a slow start this season has been so good!

I disagree but maybe it's just an issue of it not being new and exciting this season.  The gross factor has been there but in terms of story line I think it's been a tad weak.

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I actually came across this show blind... Wasn’t sure what to expect... Having been on a bit of a hiatus, I hadn’t heard anything about it and hadn’t read the comic. I’ve rated both seasons very highly. Will need a SERIOUS recap reminder by the time we see S3 go to air though. At least 12 months away, surely.

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Stormfront took a major loss in the final episode of The Boys season 2, but is she actually dead, and could she return in season 3? Amazon's The Boys introduced a host of new characters in season 2, from The Church of the Collective's Hugh Jackman lookalike leader to the Russian superhero known as Love Sausage. Undoubtedly the most important addition, however, was Aya Cash's Stormfront. In the original The Boys comic series by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson, Stormfront is a male character and leads the Payback superhero group. Hailing from Nazi Germany, Stormfront was the very first Compound V subject before making the trip Stateside, but is brutally kicked to death by Butcher's Boys.


While Amazon's The Boys gender-flips the Stormfront character, the nasty origin story of the comic books is amplified to tie into the social context of 2020, making the live-action version of Stormfront even more sinister. Possessing the same powers as her comic incarnation, Aya Cash's Stormfront is still the first successful Compound V subject and a raging Nazi, but also the wife of Frederick Vought. She spent the 20th century in a variety of superhero personas (including Liberty) but finally jumped into The Seven in The Boys season 2. Seeking to continue the true will of Vought's founder, Stormfront whipped up a right-wing frenzy and attempted to create an army of supes that would make her dream of a white supremacist motherland a reality.


When The Boys season 2 comes to an end, Stormfront is in horrific shape, but it's not entirely clear whether she lives or dies. Homelander states at a press conference that she was alive and in custody — but Vought has covered up Supe death before, most notably with Translucent in season 1. According to The Boys showrunner Eric Kripke, Stormfront is alive. The question remains: alive in what condition? Will the villainous Supe resume the primary antagonist role, or is she relegated to some Vought lab? Here's everything currently known about Stormfront's fate, and how she might potentially return in The Boys season 3.


Stormfront's Possible Role In The Boys Season 3

If Stormfront borrows Lamplighter's comic story and becomes a mindless slave of Vought, she can't simply return to the public eye under another name. Vought might've been able to cover up her historic crimes as Liberty, but in the age of smartphones, it wouldn't take long for a member of the public to recognize the super-powered Nazi who fooled the world. But Vought could use their revived Stormfront as a secret assassin, taking out the company's enemies from the shadows. Given Stormfront's racist philosophy, it would be fascinating to see her brainwashed into serving as Stan Edgar's lackey, and The Boys season 3 could then end on the cliffhanger of Stormfront finally regaining her memories.


Perhaps the more interesting story would be if Stormfront not only survives in The Boys season 3, but also retains her personality and memories. With her plan for racially segregated world domination in tatters, Stormfront would be gunning for revenge against Vought, Homelander, Ryan and The Boys, and this Stormfront would be entirely different compared to the character in season 2. Instead of hiding behind a social media-driven facade, a vengeful Stormfront in The Boys season 3 would be an outright supervillain, not trying to attract followers or lead rallies, just trying to kill her enemies.



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On 10/12/2020 at 2:28 PM, drotto said:

Three good to great episodes.  Five episodes were meh to below average. Overall enjoyable, and I am anticipating season 3, but the pacing of this season was off at points.


I agree.

The major weakness is the same as the last.


Starlight can't keep saving them, nor can 'The Girl' - Frenchie ,MM, Hughie and Billy B need juice to compete.


Herogasm was mooted as season 3.

That can't happen without The Boys being full of Compound V - or any other arcs for that matter.

All The Boys were full Supes by now in the comics - inc Hughie


The Russian arc won't happen as that was clearly 'The Love Sausages' only appearance.


Nice twist at the end, and the shaven-headed girl has to appear again soon ( If they do an Aliens re-boot, well they found Ripley!)

Average 6.5 /10

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11 hours ago, Bosco685 said:

Not that you can't complain about a show. But what a difference in experience when comparing to someone not wanting the show to follow 100% of the comic book flow and allowing for freedom to still honor the source material.

  • Stormfront was female vs male: It worked out great in that she became the lover of Homelander and also the wife of the scientist behind V
  • The Boys didn't end up with superpowers: Yet in the end they still achieved much of what they started out wanting to do - tearing down the superhero myth that they were all good

For me, it all came together wonderfully between the two seasons. I very much look forward to Season 3. And we will see Jensen Ackles as Soldier Boy, the very first superhero in this world. I had forgotten the actor's relationship to the show lead who also created Supernatural.


Not a complaint Bosco - mild disappointment.

I agree Stormfront was very well done, and the story change was seamless - Kudos to the writers. No complaints there.

I'm not a purist by any stretch - hell I got my "Terror" cameo so all is good in the world....BUT, (you knew there was a but...)

Pretty much the ENTIRE run of the Boys Comic relied on all 3 of Frenchy, MM and BB being just below the strength of the Seven.

They could 'do' Stormfront themselves, and seeing as the Voight Empire was based on A, B and C teams, then it was their ability to beat the B and C teams one on one that gave them the ability to 'give them a right good slap' :bigsmile:


It just for me, at the moment, seems like they are relying on good luck, Hughies relationship with Starlight, and Maeve's flip flopping to be alive after 2 seasons.


I'd just like to see a little bit more of the original book.

I think most of the changes have been well done - but for me, they aren't The Boys yet, they are a very weak Supe, + a nutter, a very unused character (MM)  and a brave but soft Hughie.

Frenchy is spot on.

His character is superb


I'm also loving the cameos by actors from other Superhero movies.

So maybe my 6.5 / 10 was based on nostalgia - I have been a fan since the book started - so whilst I really do think some of the changes have been great (Stormfront, The Senator, Lamplighter, and even The Deep - Plus Ash is a great actress, I genuinely want to throw her off a building myself after another corporate BS speech!  ) - I can't see how the show goes on without getting boring if they don't get compound V.

You can only be lucky so often.

Unless you are Domino :whistle:


So for you Bosco, after reflection 7 / 10

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