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9 hours ago, Stevemmg said:

Probably as disappointed as I was as mentioned in the post four above you. :baiting:

Yeah, I read your post and thought 9.0-9.2 would be ok. Sadly, these were quite a bit below that.

They did get back to me and are replacing the beat up copies.  Said all orders are inspected while being boxed up, so it must have happened during shipping. It didn't look like it to me, but we'll see how the next batch looks upon arrival.

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This happens a lot today ... even with comics. I have a dear friend who has run an LCS for 27 years. He is retiring because he's tired of receiving unsaleable damaged goods that comprise sometimes 50% of his order. It's a condition conscious market and his suppliers seem to have very little concern. GOD BLESS...

-jimbo(a friend of jesus)(thumbsu

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