Transformers #100 HERB TRIMPE BLANK COVER - all proceeds go to Patricia Trimpe
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To celebrate the 100th Issue of Transfomers, IDW printed a special incentive blank cover variant which were all supposed to be sketched on by the late Herb Trimpe and then distributed to retailers who ordered X number of copies.


Unfortunately Herb never got around to sketching on these. Which makes these some of the rarest blanks on the market. A must have for a transformer completest.


Below you will see a scan of the front and back covers as well as the inside front cover which shows all the different editions.



These have some scuffing which would make them less than 9.6. Charles Costas, who is currently in possession of these, will pick out the best copies for those purchasing them through here.


These books are being sold with ALL PROCEEDS going to Herb's widow Patricia Trimpe.



Price per book is $30 plus $6 shipping.


If you are interested in purchasing a copy or copies please send payment to which was Herb's paypal address.



Once payment is sent please then contact Charles Costas at,

He will follow-up with Patricia to make sure payment is received and work with you to arrange shipping.


Feel free to PM comiconxion or me here on the boards if you have any questions.









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Thanks Dan. My estimate is that there were 100 of these printed. At the time of his passing, Herb had 70 copies remaining. This may be your only way to get one. If someone is interested in multiple copies, feel free to reach out. My hope is that these will end up in the hands of collectors that really want them and/or are used to create some great sketch covers!


Please contact me to confirm shipping. I typically use Priority Mail flat rate envelopes with reinforcement. Shipping via that method would be $6. If someone wanted multiple copies shipped, I'd use a Priority Mail flat rate box.


-Chuck Costas

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Thanks for the healthy response so far. I just wanted to let people know that the remaining copies I have will have some degree of light smudging on the cover. But, I'll try and pick out copies without any spine damage or other imperfections. If you get them sketched on, it should cover up these imperfections, but if you would get them graded "as is,' they likely wouldn't come back at 9.6.


So, just wanted to set the expectation that I'll send the nicest ones I can, but they may not be perfect.


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Thanks to all of those who ordered copies - hope you're enjoying them and I can't wait to see pics posted of the final sketches that people get.


I'm back from vacation and had a chance to go through the remaining copies of the Transformers #100 books and I've separated them by grades. There were actually a few more nice copies than I thought - so if you held off wanting a nicer grade copy, you can order away!


As some people may not always want the top graded copies, I will offer different prices for copies in different grades. Here's the new pricing tiers:


Top Tier Grade: from 9.4 to 9.8 (most 9.6) - $30 (11 Copies Available)

Mid Tier Grade: from 9.0 to 9.4 (most 9.2 or 9.4) - $25 (26 Copies Available)

Lower Tier Grade: from 8.0 to 9.0 (most 8.5 or 9.0) - $20 (11 Copies Available)


Shipping is only $6 for up to 5 Copies (sent Priority Mail envelope with cardboard reinforcement)


Also, for anyone that wants to purchase 10 or more copies (mix or match grades), I will offer a 10% discount.


Hopefully everyone so far has been happy with their books and the grading - I tried to be pretty strict as I graded the ones above - hope everyone receives better grades than they expected when they get them graded.


Also, I wanted to clarify what the "smudging" on some of these covers looks like. I've attached a pic below of the copy with the WORST smudging on it (so it doesn't get worse than this). It's very faint, but if you look closely, it looks like grey specs. I graded this one in the Lower Tier. So, if what you see below doesn't bother you, you have nothing to worry about. And, as I said, when an artist sketches on the book, you likely wouldn't see any blemishes.




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I contacted Stephen Baskerville and asked him if he would do a sketch cover for me. He agreed and asked me what I wanted.


Well, I've been on an 80s movie reference kick. I have sketch covers that reference the movies, The Breakfast Club, and, Say Anything. For this sketch cover I wanted to reference Back To The Future.


I asked Mr. Baskerville to use this image as his guide because I like the angle the DeLorean is shown at.






For the sketch I asked Mr. Baskerville to replace the DeLorean with Sideswipe and replace Marty with Spike. Here is the amazing results...





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Nice! Love how he filled in the corner box too!


Oh yeah, for sure. I asked him if he would do that for me. Really a great guy to work with.

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As a BTTF fan, love the one piece that Yoshi posted. Any others?


If people still want copies of the rare Herb Trimpe blank cover edition of TF#100, here's what remains and revised pricing (since we're getting down to the last copies):


9.0 or below (10 copies) - $30/Each (all 7.5 to 9.0)

9.2-9.4 (5 copies) - $40/Each

9.6 or higher (6 copies) - $50/Each


Include $7 for shipping (sorry the Post Office prices went up since last year).


If someone wanted all 21 copies, I'd sell the lot for $25/each or $525 for the lot including shipping. It's great if you want multiple copies or want to buy them as an investment.


Keep them coming!



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