Transformers #100 HERB TRIMPE BLANK COVER - all proceeds go to Patricia Trimpe
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58 minutes ago, Yoshi said:

What are color breaking flaws?

Anything that would still be visible after a pressing.  Things like spine ticks that have tiny white lines, full creases, or dents/dings that break color and/or paper.  Minor damage that does not break the color can typically be reversed by pressing the comic.

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On 12/18/2015 at 10:55 AM, comiconxion said:

Thanks Dan. My estimate is that there were 100 of these printed. At the time of his passing, Herb had 70 copies remaining. This may be your only way to get one. If someone is interested in multiple copies, feel free to reach out. My hope is that these will end up in the hands of collectors that really want them and/or are used to create some great sketch covers!


Please contact me to confirm shipping. I typically use Priority Mail flat rate envelopes with reinforcement. Shipping via that method would be $6. If someone wanted multiple copies shipped, I'd use a Priority Mail flat rate box.


-Chuck Costas


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On 10/6/2019 at 8:03 PM, Tom why said:

I’m interested in getting a copy of there still available 

It is my current understanding that two people bought the bulk of these left over blanks. Bob Budiansky and myself. The last time I saw Bob was at TFCon and he was doing sketch commissions on them. I have no idea how many he has left. I have several blank ones left, but they they have smudges on them which I believe are the result of the printing or shipping process that IDW Publishing went with. In most cases a good artist can cover up the blemish with their art. If you do not hear back from Chuck feel free to message me privately. Maybe we can work something out. 

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