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FS: Low Grade Thor 110 & 142, Sub-Mariner 50

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Hello, just selling a few undercopies. Shipping is $5 total, regardless of how many books are purchased, so you save on shipping if you buy more than one.


First I'll Take it Wins

Shipping to Continental US only please

Payment via Paypal only


Thor 110, as you can see, rough shape. Looks like water damage, but cover is still very supple, so not sure. Safely, call this a 1.0 complete, cover still attached at both staples. $18




Thor 142, also in rough shape. Small piece missing from top, some writing on the cover, but secure at both staples. $8




Namor #50. This one is much nicer, easily a 5.0. Cover has small dings at the top. Pages are starting to tan, and someone wrote ".90" at the top of the first page. White cover, looks extremely clean, so the 5.0 is very conservative grade. Bill Everett drew and wrote a story for this anniversary issue. 1st appearance Namorita, for those interested in that sort of thing. $14




Thanks for looking!


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Well shoot, that was quick. I used my 2012 Guide to give me some idea on pricing....looks like I did ok.


I'll PM payment details...Thanks!

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