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1 hour ago, Aweandlorder said:

A straight run of UXM from 235-309 with some bonus books including 129 (VFish)... #266 being a solid 9.6 at the least. Total cost under $170


The following are all 9.4-9.8


The star wars 42 is in there as well but not in the pic



These are all 9.0-9.4s, the Muhammad Ali treasury is a beauty!


Cool Jerry Ordway sketch I couldnt resist for $50


Did you notice TDKR took a nosedive lately? I did.. stocked up on as many I could find... 1 more set on the way not included in pics... All under $200





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The Ebay wins that finally showed up this week!20191221_192521.jpg.6a73ab7e4734bd9b8edc2827bb993fd5.jpg20191221_192535.jpg.cca494a23a3af80519b6258f435be872.jpg20191221_192556.jpg.b6aa11e4ee71c02d457bc2543bbcc300.jpg20191221_194143.jpg.d1d2842885fd611cc738cd2f348622a8.jpg

Both lots ( different sellers) had some amazing hidden gems. First were these two.


the last lot was really unexpected as it had one of only two copies know so far to be found..


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On 1/23/2020 at 6:12 PM, ThothAmon said:

Thought I’d cross post here as this magazine came out of the collection I purchased up in Syracuse. Freshly back fro CGC. Wizard 1. 


I'm from Syracuse... Currently living in CT :facepalm:.

Syracuse is a good city for comics definitely miss that. 10+ shops with a handful that keep you coming back. Gotta Shout out Mike at Collectibles Galore/ King of Comics and Jeff over Cloud City Comics.


If you are in town and have time for one shop it's gotta be Collectibles Galore/King of Comics. 2c

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Not bad, eh? I don't buy any Pre-Hero Marvel (or Marvel for that matter), I know its a deal, I just don't know how much of a deal it is. Does anyone who collects this kind of stuff know what this book would go for? (looks to be 3.0-3.5) Thanks.


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On 2/1/2020 at 6:29 PM, Lurker89 said:

If you are in town and have time for one shop it's gotta be Collectibles Galore/King of Comics.

It's a good shop.  One of my favorites in Syracuse.

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