7 Classic/Key Marvel issues. All graded
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Usual rules no Hosers. Free shipping to US. To Canada I'll have add 10.00 for the shipping difference. Returns welcome if you aren't satisfied. As long it comes back in the condition it was sent out (which is perfect). First I'll take it wins. I'll list all the recent sales from eBay. Thanks for looking and good luck.


Iron Man 55 CGC 7.0

775 ----- 7/31/16

510 ----- 7/29/16

601 ----- 7/26/16

Avg 628 will take 550!


Strange Tales 107 CGC 7.0 classic cover! Hard to come by. No sales on eBay.

Will take 300 and that's the Cheapest by Far on what's available.


Sgt. Fury 13 CGC 8.0 another classic cover! SOLD!


Hero for Hire 1 CGC 5.0 SOLD!


Silver surfer 15 CGC 7.0 SOLD!


FF 48 CGC 5.5 ------ sold!


X-men 94 CGC 8.5

550 ---- 10/16/16

630 -------9/5/16

492.88 ----8/28/16

699.95 ----8/20/16

575 -----7/27/16


Avg 589.56 will take 520!

Pics to come in a few minutes. Thanks!


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will take FF48 and Silver Surfer if thats ok...

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