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Yeah, my friend's room was deep purple and his older brother's room was dark blue with contrasting trim, which inspired me to paint my room a deep blue with orange/red trim and add a black light with some neat posters. I also painted Jeff Jones' Dragon from To Slay a Dragon! in india ink & black light chalk pastels on my wall. :)

I've always wondered how easy it was for the next owners of our house to repaint my room without that damn dragon bleeding through. :eek:





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On 1/29/2018 at 11:03 PM, Nathan1980 said:

A buddy gave me several posters from the 70’s for helping him out.  I’m keeping these two.  I’d like to know if it’s possible to restore the posters, or what is the best way to display them.  



The posters measure 21" X 33."  There's a standard poster frame size of 22.375" X 34" at craft stores that fits them nicely. Just a little bit bigger than the poster but a lot cheaper than going custom.


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I've been looking for a Black Bolt to go with my Medusa above with no luck. Came across an auction on the Hulk/Psyklop in excellent shape with very low bids, so I made a pretty low bid on it not really expecting to win it, and low & behold I won it. Got it in, and the condition was even better than I imagined. Rolled it back up and put it back in the tube until I can get the two in custom frames. (Picture for illustration).


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