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So I didn't get a chance to do this after I got back. Busy with military stuff and the kiddo, and I suppose the wife(ha). Any who, I won't lie, the only thing that was a highlight for me was getting to talk to JSC and JTC. Other than that the crowd and the amount of rudeness I came across was astounding. Don't get me wrong I met some really nice folks standing in line to get the foil variants DC released at NYCC but other than that the vendors minus like 3 were ridiculous the prices are so far off what I could get certain books for online. The floor destroyed my feet and knees. And the lack of different product was upsetting. I am trying to close out an Invincible run right now and of all the vendors I went too only 1 had something different. Not to say the experience of being there was awesome because it was, but I now know that one day is more than enough for me to browse and look for what I need and see who I want to see. I am sure there are those of you that disagree but this was just my experience. I hope to make it to SDCC some time in the near future. But my plan is to go to all of the major cons at least once. And hopefully over time they get more about the fans and not about the money. Thanks for reading.




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