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What happened, who did what and more in this exciting, not to miss entry!


What a year it's been, eh? Some people have said 2016 has been nothing but a flaming dumpster fire and with Trump winning the election that may be what the future holds.


But let's talk comics. Let's talk about the growth of my initial goal of collecting my favorite modern age grails. Let's talk about how that idea has expanded into the other era's and how I'm hoping to close out my modern age collection in 2017.


As you may recall in last year's journal, I decided to sell my 4.0 no MC AF15 Uni in order to start acquiring my modern age favs. I've continued to make progress on that this year by adding these 9.8 slabs to the list (I bought my ASM 667 Dell'Otto Nov. of 2015):


Batman #608 RRP Variant

Uncanny X-Men #510 Campbell Sketch Variant

Black Panther #1 Campbell Partial Sketch Variant

Siege #3 Campbell Variant

X-23 #1 Dell'Otto Variant

Amazing Spider-Man 688 Campbell Variant

Amazing Spider-Man Presents: Black Cat #1 Campbell Variant

Uncanny X-Force #20 Venom Variant

Star Wars #1 B&W Luke Skywalker Action Figure Variant

Wolverine #66 Sketch Variant

Uncanny X-Force #5 Manara Variant

Y The Last Man #1

Edge Of Spider-Verse #2 Land Variant

Superman/Batman #1 RRP Variant

Winter Soldier #1 Dell'Otto Variant (subbed it myself!)

Ultimate Spider-Man #1 White Variant


I have about 7 more modern age grails that I'm hoping to get this year, I may have to wait on the Walking Dead #1 as I think the price will drop once the shows are over, looking at the insane number of 9.8s in the census. A link to my Modern Age Gails! set can be found http://comics.www.collectors-society.com/wcm/ComicCustomSetView.aspx?s=18983'>here.


This year, I also wanted to get the #1 spot for the Venom: Lethal Protector registry set this year too. I managed to tie the #1 set for the last few years, but I sniped the win by providing descriptions and front and back scans of each book. That set took me a while to find a #2 in 9.8. I had to sub 4 different #2's before I got it. I already bought the black error variant last year so it was just picking off the small set one at a time.


A few months ago I had an idea that kind of grew and kept growing; collect all the symbiote host 1st appearances. Not the 1st appearance of the host, rather when the symbiote suit actually bonded with the host. It's now a custom registry set found http://comics.www.collectors-society.com/wcm/ComicCustomSetView.aspx?s=21280'>here. I have the description list finalized as of yesterday, I just need to add the last dozen additions to the issue list of the set.


The last thing I started doing this year was move on to collecting my favorite Copper Age Grails!, which can be found http://comics.www.collectors-society.com/wcm/ComicCustomSetView.aspx?s=22412'>here. I've snagged just a few copper age 9.8 slabs for the set this year (the lone exception to the 9.8 set is of course TMNT #1, anything 9.0+ is fine with me):


Amazing Spider-Man #300

Uncanny X-Men #266

Amazing Spider-Man #252


So 2017 is going to be a slow-going year for my comic collection as my wife is expecting another boy in April, my funds and time will be even more limited with two kids, but that's okay <3 I'll shift my focus toward finding cheaper 9.8 books for my symbiote host set, and less on my modern age grail set.





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