Whiz 24 and Police 86 High Grades For Sale

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FIrst :takeit: in public beats PM


No problem children.


PayPal for immediate delivery, Check or Money Order for slower delivery (I wait until it clears).


Just got these back from CGC and wanted to offer them here before I post them elsewhere.


WHIZ IS SOLD - thanks!


First up, Whiz Comics 24, CGC 8.5 OW/W pages. Rockford Pedigree.

Asking $900 (may be high, but its a Pedigree, and Overstreet has 9.0 at $988 - make me offers, I'm willing to listen to reason!)



Next, Police Comics 86, also CGC 8.5 WHITE pages. Sorry, no Pedigree.

Asking $275



Sorry about the scan quality - my scanner isn't big enough and when I take pictures I always see myself in the reflection

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Whiz 24 :takeit: per PM


Sold! Thank you!!!

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