Doctor strange 169 cgc 8.0 - paying $300 shipped

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Hey all, buddy of mine wants this book.


Doctor strange 169 cgc 8.0 - paying $300 shipped in the us


Please send information to me here via PM. Would like to buy a copy today if possible


Preferences but not requirements

- Prefers the last label structure (not the "old old", nor the newest case design....but rather the "regular old" that was in circulation until 2015/2016

- also prefers ow/w+ pages


GPA says that the 90 day average sale is $306. And a cgc 8.5 just sold this month for $350.


Finally, if you have a copy but won't sell it for $300, please give me your price. If we can't find one for $300, then he'll likely raise his offer.


Thanks for looking!


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