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RUMOR: Marvel Finally Moving Forward With The SUB-MARINER - But Will It Be A Movie Or TV Series?



Following last week's news that The Inhumans was scheduled to film on their shores at a new Marvel studio in Oahu, Reel News Hawaii now reckon there are also plans for a live-action Namor project.


While this "buzz" might not amount to anything, they did get some solid info on The Inhumans show, so this could be worth paying attention to.

Assuming there is something to it, are we talking about a movie of a television series? Given the fact that we haven't heard any whispers of Namor swimming onto the big screen (is an Infinity War introduction a possibility?), my guess is it's something TV related - and taking into account the fact that The Inhumans is gearing up to shoot in the same area, is it possible Reel News Hawaii's wires were crossed and The Sub-Mariner will actually feature in that show?

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On 17/2/2017 at 6:38 PM, ComicConnoisseur said:

I hope this happens! 



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