John Carter Warlord of Mars #2 Cover! Bart Sears!
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John Carter Warlord of Mars #2 Cover! Bart Sears!

John Carter Warlord of Mars #2 Cover! Pencils and inks by Bart Sears. First time this item is available since publication!
Asking 2500.00 . Will entertain offers on PM. First takeit.gif wins and takes priority. This item is not for sale on E-Bay.

Paypal, checks, money orders accepted. You may check our rating on Ebay rating: godfatcom. I offer a 100 percent money back guarantee on all items.

If references are needed here I would recommend David Alexander, and board members TupennyConan and KingOfRulers. They all can vouch for me.

Shipping is 15.00. We offer a 100 percent refund if not satisfied. Looking forward to interacting with more of you fine folks on the boards. Any advice is always appreciated as I always enjoy learning and I will answer all questions. I have been on t boards for years but with the new boards, I had to get a new account. I am definitely  not a newbie lol.


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