WonderCon 2017 Remains

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WonderCon 2017 Remains

Hey Everyone! Another day, another con.

Typical Rulez, posts trumps pm. No HOS and individuals on Probation.

Shipping is $6.50 for the first 4 Raws, after that it goes up by $1
CGC Slabs are $12 for the first 2 and $1 after that
International is based off weight and location

Payment is strictly PayPal.

Returns are accepted only for damaged transit books.

So the story is that I love to post things for the forum members but it ended up where I went strictly for private clients and these are the remains of what was left. In order to become on the private list just ask and I'll add you to the emails that we send out.

So without further adieu here are the remains...

Grimm Fairy Tales #4, Anaheim Postcard, LTD 250, Cover by Elias Chatzoudis (3 Copies Left)
Raw $30, CGC 9.8 $80, CGC 9.8SS $95

GFT Day of the Dead #3, Smurf Cosplay, LTD 350, Cover by Elias Chatzoudis (1 Copy Left)
Raw $35, CGC 9.8 $85, CGC 9.8SS $105

Grimm Fairy Tales #4, White Bunny, LTD 500, Cover by Ale Garza (3 Copies Left)
Raw $15, CGC 9.8 $60, CGC 9.8SS $80

Grimm Fairy Tales #4, White Bunny Naughty, LTD 100, Cover by Ale Garza (1 Copy Left)
Raw $170, CGC 9.8 $210, CGC 9.8SS $250

Planet of the Apes/Green Lantern #1, Boom Studios (1 Copy Raw, 1 Copy Signed by Elsa)
Raw $20, CGC 9.8 $65

All DC Foil Covers are being sold 1 of 2 ways. Raw from conditions between VF/NM to NM or 9.8. They were all polybagged so there was no guarantee in condition when purchased.

All Star Batman #8, Foil Cover
Raw $20 (1 Copy), CGC 9.8 $170 (2 Copies)

Harley Quinn #16, Foil Cover
Raw $20 (2 Copies), CGC 9.8 $170 (1 Copy)

Doom Patrol #5, Foil Cover
Raw $20 (3 Copies)

Batman #19, Foil Cover
Raw $20 (2 Copies)

Batwoman #1, Foil Cover
Raw $20 (1 Copy), CGC 9.8 $150 (2 Copies)

X-Men Prime #1, KRS Comics Variant, Dell'Otto Cover (1 Raw, 2 9.8's)
Raw $30, CGC 9.8 $85

Inhumans Prime #1, KRS Comics Variant, Dell'Otto Cover (1 Raw, 2 9.8's)
Raw $30, CGC 9.8 $85

Amazing Spider-Man #25, KRS Comics Variant, J. Scott Campbell Cover (1 Raw, 1 9.8)
Raw $50, CGC 9.8 $110

X-Men Prime #1, KRS Venomized Cover Set, Tyler Kirkham Color and Virgin Variant (2 SS Sets)
CGC 9.8SS $275

Amazing Spider-Man #25, J. Scott Campbell Signed Set (1 Set Left)
CGC 9.8SS $425 for the set

That's all for now. Thanks for looking and if you have any questions feel free to PM me.

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