*CLOSED/SOLD* X-men 1 CGC 8.5 OW/W

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X-men 1 CGC 8.5 OW/W

The rules part

1st reply to this thread with  a :takeit: or "I'll take it", claims the item over any PMs still in negotiation. 
Even if you agree to a PM negotiation, you still have to be the 1st to reply to this thread with the :takeit: or "I'll take it". 
Slab condition: Slab was examined around the edges for cracks; no cracks on this slab.
U.S. only for this X-men #1 listing.    Also, no HOS or PL members
Payment via paypal or check.  Payment is due within 7 days.   Time payments are possible, PM me with your time payment needs and perhaps we can find a middle ground that works for both of us.  

Item ships once final payment clears.
Overnight shipping with tracking, insurance and signature confirmation will be paid by me .
This slab will be packed in a bubble envelope that is isolated in the middle of a sturdy box filled with packing peanuts and/or bubble wrap.  If you have a blinding hatred from packing peanuts let me know i'll improvise.
No returns on this CGC slab 


Note that some scans have a thin blue and/or pink line as described here: https://www.cgccomics.com/boards/blogs/entry/41-scanning-200-slabs-trickier-than-i-thought/
If you want to know all of the slabs that I will be selling, those are listed here:  https://www.cgccomics.com/boards/blogs/entry/42-last-look-at-my-collection-of-slabs/
If you are curious about why I am selling these, that story is here:   https://www.cgccomics.com/boards/blogs/entry/40-the-end-is-the-beginning-is-the-end-is-the/

My recent sales thread, where I sold off most of my X-men slab collection, listed merely as a reference https://www.cgccomics.com/boards/topic/414324-closed-high-grade-x-men-slab-mega-run-its-alot/


The good stuff

Left this one out of my previous X-men sales thread as I figured it deserved one all to itself! 

If you click on the pics below, a new tab should open on your browser with a much larger scan.  On the new tab, you may need to click on the pic a few times to view the full size image.

If anyone needs another scan of the front and/or back to help them decide, please don't hesitate to ask :D


Xmen 1 CGC 8.5 Off White to White         $21,000    SOLD!    Note: GPA shows a single sale for 8.5 OW/W in 2016 for  $20,151         U.S. only for this X-men #1 listing.  





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  • Location: 'burbs of Dallas, Texas

^^  Blazingbob!


Hooollleeee cow that was a fast and furious set of PMs with several of you, didn't expect this baby to go quite so quickly and I know at least a couple of you are going to return to your PMs in shock but Bob is the quickest to the punch in this case.   Thanks again to all of you that were contacting me via PM,  and sorry for the few of you that were inches from sending the "ill take it" but this one is already closed now!   :whatthe:

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