DC Direct 1999 JSA Figures Flash,GL,WW & Starman
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Usual rules apply:  :takeit:trumps everything but PM offers are welcome. Shipping in the U.S is included HOWEVER if the sale is under $50, I ask for $5 to cover costs and I will work out a fair deal for anything outside the country.  PayPal preferred. Satisfaction guaranteed. See my Kudos below and on eBay I am top rated as mshadow1023. I usually post in the Gold/Silver/Bronze section, but this time...

Released in 1999/2000, these DC Direct figures were I believe the first ones ever produced of Jay Garrick/FLASH, Alan Scott/GREEN LANTERN, the GA WONDER WOMAN and STARMAN. Fairly hard to find, this set is in excellent shape. VERY shelf slight edge wear so I'd say pretty damn close to mint on card. ASKING $100 SHIPPED


If this works out - I'll be tossing up a few more DC DIRECT items soon - THANKS!

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