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2 hours ago, Robot Man said:

I know, not comics again...

In addition to comics. “Americana” and pop culture, I enjoy American historical and political stuff. 

I have had this interesting item hidden away in a closet forever. 

I got it from my mother who was a newspaper photographer and grew up in the SF Bay Area. She was an amazing woman. During WWII she was the first woman White House photographer. She had an amazing love for music and history as well as being an artist. I guess I got her genes. 

She gave me this piece before she passed away and told me to take care of it. It is the masthead for the San Francisco Examiner newspaper. It was on a wall of an office inside the building that was destroyed in the 1906 earthquake. It is a stone lithographic print and only 50 were printed. 

It has probably been in the same frame since then. I have been wanting to reframe it with an acid free matt for years. Well, yesterday was the day. Much better shape than I expected. No water damage or foxing. 

A nice piece of history that will very shortly be given the respect it deserves and hanging on my wall. My mom would be smiling...:x



Wonderful piece! Wise move to get it framed properly. I hope you create a plaque with the historical notes to accompany it as well.

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I inherited a GREAT collection of radio/Ovaltine premiums from my dad and uncle; most are in their original envelopes, except for a few of the earliest ones.  Pretty much any pre-1947 booklet, pin, and ring you can imagine:  Radio Orphan Annie, Capt. Midnight, Jack Armstrong, Lone Ranger, Tom Mix, etc.  Several in duplicate and even triplicate, as they mailed in multiple times.  That's THE box of items I would never consider selling.  They were a little to old to "play" with the '40s stuff, so I believe I have some of the best extant copies anywhere.  Only one Ovaltine Shake-up Cup (shaker) survived though (Orphan Annie).

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Wow, awsome inheritance! They are such fun, clever and creative pieces of Americana. You need to post a few pics for us. 

I’m still needing a Capt. Midnight Mystic Sun God ring. (The one with the red stone secret compartment.) so if you happen to have a duplicate...:gossip:

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On 10/28/2020 at 1:20 PM, Robot Man said:

As many of you probably know, I am a hardcore, lifetime Dodgers fan.

I was at game #1 and #2 in 1988 with my then 10 year old daughter. Yep, was there for “that” home run. 

It took a long and very tough 32 years to see my team pull off another one. 

A LOT different this time. But 3 generations of Dodger fans got together to watch, wring our hands and finally celebrate the win. 

Here is my 5 year granddaughter after the game. She just wore herself out...:roflmao:


Totally cute! She looks as peaceful and restful as Clayton probably did that night, what with that monkey off his back n all... 

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