[CLOSED] Superman/Doomsday (raw, NM or better, sold as lot)

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Time to sell some Superman comics. Up for sale is a set of eight comics featuring Doomsday. Each comic is in a Mylites2 Gold bag with fullback. Below you'll see the descriptions for each comic. I'm selling them as NM, although from the way I'm looking at them, most are in better condition. Please see the descriptions and the scans. 

I prefer paypal but I'm willing to discuss other options if necessary. Just not with anyone in the HoS or on probation. :)

First :takeit:gets the lot, regardless of what's going on in private messaging. 

If anyone wants to see scans of the back covers, please let me know.

I'm selling the lot shipped to the United States for $100. I ship Priority Mail.

Here's a list of the items for sale. Please note that the descriptions for the copies of MoS 18 and 19 might not correspond to the order they're presented in the images.

  • Action Comics 684: Very nice copy. I see no blemishes. NM+
  • Adventures of Superman 497: Newsstand copy. Very nice copy. No creases or dings that I see. NM+
  • Man of Steel 18: Newsstand copy. One non-color-breaking spine crease on front cover just above the bottom staple. I still consider this a NM+, but you can call it NM if you want.
  • Man of Steel 18: Newsstand copy. I see nothing wrong with this copy. NM+.
  • Man of Steel 18: Newsstand copy. There's the tiniest bend/fold up in the very top right corner of the front cover. I can't tell if it breaks color. Gorgeous copy otherwise. NM+.
  • Man of Steel 19: Seems to be a wrinkle on the back cover. Not really a wrinkle...more of an indentation line. NM+.
  • Man of Steel 19: The lower spine corner of the front cover has some color missing. Doesn't seem to be a bindery tear. Color fleck? NM+.
  • Superman 75: Looks like a spine tic/crease just at the doorway on the front cover, and another about halfway between the staples. Neither break color. There's also a dot-like indentation on the back cover. Not a mark, just a tiny indentation. Let's err on the side of caution and call it NM (although it looks NM+).


Action Comics 684.jpg

Adventures of Superman 497.jpg

Man of Steel 18 1.jpg

Man of Steel 18 2.jpg

Man of Steel 18 3.jpg

Man of Steel 19 1.jpg

Man of Steel 19 2.jpg

Superman 75.jpg

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5,731 posts

Moving to eBay later today.  Make me an offer if you're interested. 

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