[CLOSED] Silver Age Sale #3--page 51--40% OFF till 5PM PST
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Hello all, This is my regular monthly Silver Age Thread.  The first two were just incredible.  I had personal records chattered with the amount of activity I got.  I hope to have another great sale this time around as well.  This time it will only be 3 days instead of 4.  The 4th day ill discount anything that is left.  So each day I will list 50-60 comics.  Some of the titles you will see will include Incredible Hulk, Amazing Spider-man, Brave and the Bold, Avengers, Superboy, Superman, Lois lane, Flash, Wonder woman, justice league.  As usual please respect me and others, Im doing this to have fun and hunt books to help you all fill your collections.  If you are rude to each other or to myself i'll get ugly with you haha.  Now I want a lot of likes next 3 days, the more fun we have, the more views and likes we get the more Free Bee comics ill give away.  And trust me this sale will be epic i have some amazing comics for sale this time around.  All SILVER AGE, and the FREE comics are very nice, you all will be happy.  So lets have some fun and lets break some CGC Chat boards records while we are at it.  As always please PM me with any offer, those who have bought from me know im incredible easy to deal with.  Thanks and let the fun begin......


So on that note :rulez: are listed below:

1) I will not sell to HOSers, Probation listees, or Boardies I have had bad transactions before.

2) PMs and Offers are more than welcome, but the first:takeit: gets the book in time order.  When negotiating via a PM, the final agreement becomes solid when the buyer post an :takeit: via PM

3) Shipping is $4.99 unlimited comics in the US and $8.99 unlimited comics to Canada

4) Returns accepted if notified withing 3 days of arrival of comics to your house.  

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