[CLOSED] Lovely PCH book (#1) OLD LABEL CGC 7.0 inc tracked/signed for shipping.

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Hi Friends.

Just one book, but it is a nice one.

Points to note:

1. The book has Slight Amateur Restoration, consisting of small amount of ct, a tear sealed and a spine split sealed. 

2. This book is a CGC 7.0 and was slabbed a whopping 17 years ago, very likely not pressed, though I can't say for sure.

3. There is currently a CGC 4.0 UNRESTORED on ebay now for $865. Here is a link for comparison.


4. I am including FREE shipping from the UK, which will be tracked/signed for.  

PRICE: first with  $495 


Yes. I will accept a return but shipping is on your dime as I am shipping it for free. The book is accurately represented so this shouldn't be an issue.

REFS FROM PEOPLE I HAVE SOLD TO ON THE BOARDS (some multiple times) include

143ksk, AmazingComics413, atomic1950s, Azkaban, Batman1fan, Blazingbob, blue808, BorderlineHoarder, bounty_coder, comcav, comicdey, comick1, crnbrd, DavidTheDavid, entalmighty1, fifties, FutureFlash, geofan, godquest, goldust40, Gopher John, Gregreece, HHwolfman, JawBreaker, Jeremyamoto, Joe Fish, lizards2, LordRahl, LostDreams, m2ak, Mark 1, mattereaterlad, mediajunkie, Meeklo, MGA, monkeyman, mscm34, Mutant Manatee, n2wdw, ninjasealed, Norrin's Lawyer, NP_Gresham, oceans11, oldshady, PKJ, Point Five, porcupine48, Quicksilver, Real Frantic One, redknight99, Ricksneatstuff, rjpb, Spideydan, stevenrams,Straw-Man, supesfan1981, telerites, tennisump, The Comics Preacher,  The Resurrection, ThothAmon, ttfitz, UncleGalactus, WeR138


My Kudos thread.





First :takeit: in thread or by pm takes it, judged by time stamp.


Many thanks for looking.


Payment by paypal only please. I do not charge extra for paying by paypal.

Payment due promptly please.


Prompt payment means within 24 hours please.


paul :)

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take it per PM

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