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Hi all,

Came across this Amazing Spider-Man 300, which is signed on the inside page by Todd McFarlane. The owner said that he purchased this through the mail from McFarlane's store at the time of release in the late 80's.

So my question is, if I send this to CGC, will it be eligible for the universal grade with a notation of a signature/writing on the inside cover? Or will it get a qualified grade?

I understand the "other guys" will verify it, but I don't think that's necessary since it's on the inside and not the outside. My preference would be the universal.

Any advice you can offer is appreciated.





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Nice book. I'm actually looking to make a complete ASM McFarlane run with ball point pen signatures on the splash page.

Anyway to your question, you will get the CGC Universal (blue) label with an annotation about writing on the splash page and this should not impact the grade. Unwitnessed signatures on the cover get the Qualified (green) label.

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