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I have two copies of these rare leather bound Disney comic albums and I'm selling one on eBay. I'll be going to an upcoming comiccon to meet my favorite artist don Rosa. One of his stories is in the book so I was going to ask him to sign them. They are very rare, for only 1000 copies were ever printed. Would his signature increase or decrease its value?



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Well I do know if you are getting his signature and plan on getting CGC to grade it (if they grade those types of books), make sure CGC will be there to witness the signing.  If you don't have CGC witness it and then later get it graded it won't fall under the Signature Series yet will get a Green label, and state marker on cover (or something like that). 

To it increasing the value, that is only if you have a buyer.   Not everything signed is worth what you pay.  For example there are CGC SS books on ebay that sell for as low as $40, and it would cost more than that to get it signed and graded. 


Hope this helps. 

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As a heads up, I've been up close and personal to Don Rosa signing books, and the first thing he might do to your book is boldly X-out that "Walt Disney's" caption above Uncle Scrooge and Donald Duck (this probably is a small insight into why -- http://www.cbr.com/the-legendary-don-rosa-explains-why-he-quit-comics/)

From my own interaction with him I came away thinking he's a total ___hole, so even if you politely ask him not to deface your book who knows how he'll react.


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