Celebrating Punisher Back to War Omnibus Release - A Grail!

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One of the best parts of this hobby for me is being able to give back by helping with side projects that fuel this passion for comic art.  One of the projects I helped with this year was to help Marvel in putting together a new definitive Punisher Omnibus collecting material up to the landmark 1986 Punisher Limited Series.  For this collection, I helped Marvel to collect updated scans of classic pieces as well as some pieces that had never seen print before.  Yesterday (on Mike Zeck's birthday nonetheless), this new "Back to War" omnibus was released to comic shops. 

To celebrate its release, I posted a couple things on CAF:

1) Original Punisher Costume Design - For at least 10 years I've been in discussions with Mike Burkey about this piece I knew about, but only dreamed to own - the original costume design of the Punisher by John Romita Sr.  I had seen this piece published in fanzines and in books on Marvel history, but hadn't seen the original show up in anyone's collection.  That's because its original creator had kept it all these years.  Mike was kind enough to work out a deal with John so that I could get this grail piece for my Punisher collection.  What's so cool is that on one piece of paper, you can see how John worked through ideas to ultimately land on the essence of the character we know today.  This was my big acquisition at San Diego this year and I couldn't have been happier to walk away with just one piece.  Big thanks to Mike for making my collecting year!


2) The Remaining Photocopy Pages from Punisher Limited Series #5:

In the Punisher Omnibus, you will find photocopies of many pages of pencils from the Punisher Limited Series.  For issue #5, Marvel published up to page 12 - this was because these are all of the copies I had in my files at the time.  Right after Marvel went to press, I happened to be over at Mike Vosburg's house and ran across photocopies of the remaining pages from the book.  So people can see pencils of the entire book, I've included them in my CAF. 


I'm glad I could do my part to help get this book in collector's hands.  If you're also a fan of the Punisher, order your copy of this new Omnibus today!

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