Help me identify a Mike Wieringo (1996 or 1997) Spider-man cover
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Hi guys,
I'm happy to add this beautiful Mike Wieringo piece from his early days at Marvel:

I'd be very thankful if you could help my identify the original U.S publication
of this piece. I've managed to find international published versions of this cover
(see 'additional images'), but have yet to find it's original use.

My spider sense is tingling that I've already seen it published many years ago,
but just can't recall where (maybe it was used as a house ad or magazine ad to
promote Mike Wieringo's run on Sensational Spider-man).

Any info would be greatly appreciated.
Much thanks,
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3 hours ago, SquareChaos said:

I feel like I've seen this before as well, maybe as a promotional piece advertising Ben Reilly's new suit that officially showed up in Sensational Spider-man #0. I can't place the exact image though, I've had no luck searching online.

I too think it may have been a promo piece, but I'm not sure it goes all the way before Sensational Spider-man #0;
Mike Wieringo only started his run with issue #8 and I don't think  he was supposed to join the Spider-team until
Dan Jurgens quit.

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