CLOSED - F/S: Flash 139 CGC 3.5 and Fantastic Four 53 CGC 7.0
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Hello all, been lurking/posting/buying for awhile on the boards and have started selling. I have purchased quite a few books from established boardies so if you need any references just let me know and or check out my kudos thread here:

Some rules and general information:

1) :takeit: trumps any PMs or ongoing negotiations.

2) Shipping - I am located in Canada and everything will ship from here. I package very well and this book will be boxed and packed with extreme care. Shipping will only be to Canada or the continental U.S. Shipping will cost $12.00 (it will be more than this but I will cover it)

3) Acceptable forms of payment: Paypal only here.

4) No HOSers or problem children. Your $$ is no good here. I also reserve the right not to sell to someone on my personal do not sell to list. It would help if the buyer is a member with solid feedback on the boards (PM me to discuss if you have little or no feedback please).

5) All prices in $USD.

6) CGC cases are in great shape.

7) No returns on CGC books - unless I missed something.

8) If you need more photos I am happy to accommodate - just let me know (sorry for the glare - I don't have a scanner :( )

9) Feel free to PM me offers or questions.

I am selling the following books to raise funds for another purchase - I have priced them below GPA (either 90 day or last sale) and think they are a good deal - I don't really want to part with either book so if they sell great and if not happy to keep them.

Flash 139 CGC 3.5 - Off-White Pages - 1st Appearance of Professor Zoom - GPA Data = 90 Day $238.00 last sale $210.00 Asking Price = $215.00





Fantastic Four 53 CGC 7.0 - Off White Pages - Origin of the Black Panther and 1st Klaw - GPA Data = 90 Day $135.00 last sale =$144 Asking Price = $135.00





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1,320 posts

Closed - no longer need to sell.  Thanks for the interest (thumbsu

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