eBay NR Auctions ending Sunday - Timm Valkyrie, Dooney Valkyrie 1887, Tony Daniel splash from Superman/Wonder Woman

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My original post for this was accidentally made in the regular forum.  Didn't want to add another post to that and bump it up the forum again, clogging the wrong forum with auction postings. 

The three 99cent No Reserve auctions I posted will be ending on Sunday.  They all have bids and WILL sell this round of auctions.  A Bruce Timm Valkyrie piece, a Michael Dooney Valkyrie 1887 (how Valkyrie might have looked back in 1887), and a Tony Daniel splash page from Superman/Wonder Woman featuring Apollo and Strife.  Currently all can still possibly be had at very reasonable prices

Bruce Timm Valkyrie, currently at $60US:


Michael Dooney Valkyrie 1887, Currently at just $32US:


Tony Daniel Superman/Wonder Woman splash featuring Apollo and Strife, currently sitting at $62US:


And, as usual, the rest of my auctions not listed as 99cent No Reserve items can be found here:


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