The "Newsstand Edition" Phenomenon
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33 minutes ago, FlyingDonut said:

This is wrong. DC books had bar codes on books cover dated May, 1976. First Marvels with bar codes were cover dated June, 1976.

I'm with you lol

I thought there might have been a "start" date but wasn't sure what it was. Seems as though I've heard about this eb ay seller before in eBay threads. It's a pretty gutsy listing....

4 hours ago, ADAMANTIUM said:

Is it true that this is the first UPC BarCode or "Newstand" on comics in the history of ever?

as this ebay seller says?

Who knows?, could it be true? ??? It may be or whatever, but I picked up a reader today for $1.50 O.o 

Deathlok the Demolisher #36 the first ever UPC Newstand BarCode on comics in the history of ever, I'm SERIOUS!!.jpg


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