Comic Art in Netherlands?
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I am headed to Amsterdam for work around November 6th - and looking to make sure I don't miss anything essential.  Probably won't have much time - perhaps a Saturday

I understand there is a well established comic shop there, Lambiek - and ~ hour away is the "Girl with a Pearl Earring" int he Hague area..  What else should be seen (I know red lights)...

Any vintage art collectors in the area?


P.S. Coincidentally picked up the smallest sketch by a belgium master, Franquin - see my CAF



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Well, the Van Gough museum (for Van Gough, of course) and the Ryjksmuseuem are both must sees. The latter for the Dutch masters, such as Rembrandt, Vermeer, Hals, etc  

Its not comic art, but it’s pretty amazing stuff.


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The only shop I recall seeing any OA at in Amsterdam is Lambiek... they had a few Crumb originals. The shop is also very interesting to wander through and browse, especially if you like small press graphic novels. They also claim to be the oldest comic book shop world, I definitely suggest you visit it if you have the time.

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