Price Drastically Reduced for Quick Sale!! 16 Pages of Steve Mannion & Jason Moore Artwork

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Price Dropped to only $400 + S&H.

That's only $25 per page for a complete 16 page story! I need to move these pages ASAP.

I recently completed inking a short story over penciller Steve Mannion that is featured in issue 4 & 5 of Eric Powell's Spook House comic book, published by Eric's company, Albatross Funny Books.

All of Steve's pencilled artwork was sent to me digitally, then I printed it out and inked over blueline printouts at full standard 11x17 paper size.
The inks are traditional brush and india inks on standard comic bristol board paper.
These are not digital inks and print outs of digital inks.
I reiterate that the final published artwork was inked over Steve's pencil artwork sent directly to me from Steve. Steve didn't touch these originals as far as laying his pencil to the actual pieces of paper that I inked on.

I know that probably 100% of you are aware of the process, but I feel it necessary to go into detail on it just in case! lol

Anyway, I am looking to sell these pages to anyone interested. It would be kind of cool to keep the story together, but I'm sure that's unlikely.

If any of you would like to see the scans of the finished pages, you can see them at the following link:

If you are interested, please contact me at

Thanks everyone!
Jason Moore

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