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Hey everyone!

Been lurking on the list for several years and decided to share some of my nicer pieces I have in this upcoming Heritage auction. I’ve missed some awesome pieces in the past so thought I’d share. It’s mostly 90’s art like Knightfall etc which is what I love but need to pay the bills so had to let them go. Have some cool older pieces in the mix too like the Kane GL cover (must see) and the Williamson Weird Fantasy story.
Mcfarlane signed Spawn 
Campbell Spidey/Spawn Wizard
Campbell Gen 13 card art (takes up full page)
Bogdanove Man of Steel #50 cover
Kane Green Lantern #169 cover
Jae Lee Showcase cover( very cool penguin)
Mignola BRPD Hell on Earth cover
Jim Lee Wildcats splash (very cool inking)
Frank Miller Wonder Woman& Supergirl 
Quesada Painkiller Jane/Darkchylde cover
Williamson Weird Fantasy 6 page story
Keown Pitt#2 (very cool end page explaining Timmy & Pitts relationship)
Rare Texeira He-Man cover art with title(no stat)
Aparo Knightfall pages
Moore Battle Pope cover
Jones 100 Bullets splash
Wally Wood Mad piece
Bruce Timm Vampirella 
If anyone has questions about any of them please let me know and I’ll do my best to answer.
Wishing everyone good luck!
All the best,
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