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Batman vs. Two-Face review




I liked Return of the Caped Crusaders quite a bit.  I almost loved it, in fact.  Hearing the iconic voices of West, Ward, and Newmar in a return to the world of Batman ’66 made up for some shortcomings with the plot and a few misguided attempts at “edgier” jokes.  It’s not a move I would rank at the top of the greatest Batman films ever made, but it’s plenty enjoyable and one I have no qualms about revisiting.  Batman vs. Two-Face is just as good, if not even a bit better, though it has a few issues of its own.


As a whole, this movie is great fun.  It has more of a story than I’d expected, and the episodic nature of it made it feel like a three-parter from the show.  If I had to compare the two, I’d say I like this one a hair more just because it did something different than I was expecting.  Instead of going bigger and crazier, it’s instead the opportunity to spotlight a classic Batman villain who was never part of the show.  In making it feel like it fits in that run, it’s a great success.


Extras: A few spotlights on Burt Ward and one on Julie Newmar that are fun, and some inexplicable “sneak peeks” at the animated The Dark Knight Returns adaptations, but the main draw is the Adam West tribute panel from SDCC 2017.  I tried so hard to get into this panel and was bummed I had to miss out (curse you, Dark Matter panel!), so getting the chance to see such a lovely tribute to a legend such as West was rewarding.  There’s also a hidden deleted scene on the Blu-Ray, but I’ll let you find that one yourself.


Overall: A fitting final chapter to Adam West’s Legacy, Batman vs. Two-Face is highly enjoyable and better than it really needed to be.  The story may meander a bit, but it feels like an arc on the TV show, and the great animation and excellent use of dry humor are well worth the watch alone.  It’s the vocal cast that really sells the movie, though, with a game Adam West giving one of his finest performances in years, and an understated William Shatner doing just the same.  While it’s a shame we likely won’t be getting any more Batman movie in this style, it’s good to know that ’66 went out on top.


SCORE: 8/10




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