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Happy Black Friday,

The Southeast High Grade Comic Collectors are offering advanced comic dry cleaning, humidification and comic pressing videos that are on sale now! All new for 2017, this professionally edited series details advanced techniques for getting your books in highest-grade condition for unrestored grading.

Ordering info is here.

User feedback: "I really enjoyed your 3 comic book pressing videos! Lots of great info, and a minimum of dead time, thanks to your editing."

HOLIDAY VIDEO PRICING - $99.00 $150.00 for all 3 videos!

Video 1 - Advances in Dry Cleaning Comics (~23 minutes)

- Setting up bulk dry cleaning for collections
- Prescreening for cleanable defects
- Minimizing pressure on comics during cleaning
- Avoiding detectable eraser marks
- Debris removal with pickups & tools
- Cleaning colored comic areas
- Using erasing shields
- Developing a steady hand
- Using dry cleaning pads
- Dry cleaning brittle paper
- Ink removal

Video 2 - Advances in Humidifying Comics (~8 minutes)

- Setting up bulk humidification for collections
- Prescreening for problems e.g., tears & splits
- Dealing with paper memory
- Building a durable humidity chamber
- Setting up shelves in the chamber
- Heating and using water with the chamber
- Handling comics for chamber insertion
- Testing for sufficient humidification
- Clearing the chamber

Video 3 - Advances in Pressing Comics (~17 minutes)

- Setting up bulk comic pressing for collections
- Introduction to press hardware
- Cleaning the press
- Working with time & temperature
- Using release papers, boards, films & teflon sheets
- Supporting creased covers during pressing
- Layering release materials & comics in the press
- Proper press heat up & cool down
- Spot pressing
- Reviewing before-after pressing results


  • To view the videos, you must be a Vimeo member (signup for free for basic membership)
  • To purchase the videos please go to Paypal and pay $99.00 $150.00 for all 3 videos to info (at)
  • When paying in Paypal, you must provide the user/screen name you **choose** (not what is assigned to you) as your Vimeo ID (put all of this as comments, where you would normally provide a shipping address)
  • Within 24 hours of a processed payment your Vimeo ID will be enabled to view the private videos and you will be notified by email
  • Videos will remain accessible for (at least) 6 months from purchase
  • We reserve the right to block users who share videos inappropriately


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278 posts


Thank you to the repeat purchasers - you know who you are!

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