Fantastic Four #286 Byrne and Austin featuring Wolverine

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New Art For Sale:

Fantastic Four #286 page 16 by John Byrne and Terry Austin featuring Wolverine and Marvel Girl

Offers over $5K


Fantastic Four #286 page 16.jpg



Addition art :

X-Men #20 twice-up by Werner Roth and Ayers

Warlord of Mars #16 by Joe Jusko

Alan Davis Spider-Men character designs of MJ

Matt Magner Grengel Shadow #2 cover

John Romita Jr X-Men art

Warren Vampirella #2 cover prelim

Xenozoic illo by Mark Schutz

Alan Davis Excalibur #16 page

Spy vs Spy Prohias art

Amazing Spider-Man Sunday by Floro Dery

Edited by Brian Peck

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