Daredevil #111 CGC 9.8 W (1st appearance of the Silver Samurai)! #1 Copy! Highest Graded! Only 1 of 11! eBay Auction!
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eBay Link ---> Daredevil #111 CGC 9.8 W (1st appearance of the Silver Samurai)! #1 COPY! Only 1 of 11!

ATTENTION: PM me on the CGC Boards with an offer I can't refuse and I will END the eBay listing immediately (IF NO BIDS ARE PLACED) and the book is yours! Happy Holidays! -Professor Pecora

Daredevil #111 CGC 9.8 W (1st appearance of the Silver Samurai!)

According to the CGC Census Report as of 12/12/2017, out of more than 213 copies professionally graded, this copy represents ONLY 1 of 11 CGC 9.8 copies in the world!!
Out of those 11 CGC 9.8 copies, very few of them have PERFECT White Page Quality and NONE are more Perfectly Wrapped, Cut & Centered as this pristine beauty displays!! Trust me; I have personally owned 3 of the 11 CGC 9.8 copies (all of which had perfect white page quality) and I am telling you that this copy is superior to them all! (Just take a good look at the high-resolution scans for confirmation!)
We're talking "The 1st Appearance of the Silver Samurai!" The Silver Samurai is a MAJOR Wolverine Villain and was featured in the blockbuster film "The Wolverine," which was released on July 24, 2013! In addition, there is a great probability that the Silver Samurai may eventually appear in the smash Daredevil Netflix series, as he was also hired by the Kingpin as one of his assassins (in the comics) and has ties to Elektra and the Hand.
Furthermore, although Wolverine's #1 arch enemy will always be Sabretooth, the Silver Samurai is a strong runner up! On that note, Daredevil #111 predates the 1st appearance of Wolverine (Incredible Hulk #180) by 3 months!
This book looks flawless!! A true Bronze Age Gem published in July of 1974 with cover art drawn by Ron Wilson & Frank Giacoia to boot!!
This World Class copy hails from The Professor Pecora Collection, which is from my personal collection! I am a well-known and established (and highly particular) CGC Collector who only buys and sells THE BEST books in the world!!
I have great relationships (over 5 years now) with ALL of the Major Comic Book Auction Houses: (Heritage, Comic Link, Comic Connect, Pedigree Comics, High Grade, Pristine Comics, World Wide Comics, etc.), so rest assured you are dealing with a seasoned professional (just as you were to purchase from one of the auction houses / comic websites mentioned above!)
With that said, you can rest assure that you you will receive your high-end product in BOMB PROOF professional packaging and will be shipped within "1" business day of cleared payment via PayPal.
Check-Out my previous e-Bay feedback! Trust me, you won't be disappointed!!!
This immaculate copy of Daredevil #111 CGC 9.8 W will make a powerful addition to any advanced Daredevil collection, Bronze Age Key collection, X-Men or Wolverine collection, or 1st appearance collection! Or, it can serve as a GREAT (tangible asset) Long-Term INVESTMENT to your investment portfolio! KEY Bronze Age CGC books in top-graded condition and PERFECT STRUCTURE just don't show up very often...so act now while you still have the opportunity!!!
Please Check Out my other world class CGC eBay listings: ---> Professor Pecora's CGC Comic Book eBaListings
Happy Collecting!
-Professor Pecora

Daredevil #111 CGC 9.8 W (Front).jpg

Daredevil #111 CGC 9.8 W (Back).jpg

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