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Happy (almost) New Year everyone! I thought I would take advantage of the new boards' LIKE feature to run a "Best Of 2017" thread.

Well, you say, we already have the terrific Lowry Best of 2017 over at CAF. Why another?

This will be the Best of 2017: BUDGET EDITION!  That's right. There will be a dollar limit on the entries. More on that below.

Maybe we can show some of the truly wonderful comic art that can be acquired with a little patience and a keen eye... despite an unforgiving wallet. And maybe this will encourage a few more comic collectors to venture across the aisle to grab some one-of-a-kind goodies in the future.

This is not intended to compete with, but rather to supplement the CAF Best Of. So post over there and post over here too!

OK, here is how we'll try this on our inaugural run... (And of course, I am open to suggestions.)


  • Post ONE PIECE per reply. This is your entry.
  • You cannot have paid more than $300 for the art. This price must include Buyer's Premium. Shipping, handling, and insurance are not factored in. Convention entry fees are not relevant. No, we cannot verify your purchase price. We are on the honor system here. And let's leave off items that you acquired within a larger group purchase unless they were specifically itemized. Again, honor system!
  • Attach or link the image so that it shows in the reply. Type the artist and title-issue-page (if published).
  • Don't include any info about how you acquired it or the piece's "story". Save that for your CAF. We don't want people swayed by your powerful prose. :smile: Let the art stand on its own. (However, you CAN link to the piece on your CAF so that people can read more about it.)
  • There are two categories: PUBLISHED and UNPUBLISHED. Type one of these at the TOP of your entry.
  • No more than two entries per person. You can post two published, two unpublished, one of each, or just one. But again, only post ONE PIECE PER REPLY. So, you can post two replies with art in this thread total.
  • Color guides with original colors are eligible. Other all-stat or production pieces are not.
  • You must have acquired the piece during 2017. If you paid for it, but it hasn't arrived yet, it is still eligible.


  • Voting opens as soon as a piece is posted! So post early to get more eyeballs on your piece.
  • Click the LIKE button in the bottom right corner of the entries you like. You can LIKE as many entries as you want.
  • Voting and entries will close January 7. Winners will probably be visible, but I will tally things up January 8 or 9 and post here at the top of the thread.

If you want to discuss the contest, maybe we should start another thread. Ideally, I'd like the art to stand alone here.

OK, let's see what you got!:popcorn:

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Avengers Assemble #5 p4-5 DPS.

Mark Bagley

featuring Guardians of the Galaxy.




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