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Hey guys just wanted to get rid of some books as I need the money right now so sadly I have to sell my few Stan lee sigs, these I have bought three different seller through out the years and though I have personally met Stan I would never give the sigs I got away as those are too special to me, so is it risky I don't know there not CGC SS but some of them look like his older sig (the neater legible ones) in a few of the books he signed in a horrible place but still neat pieces I have compared these to others and they don't look that far off but you be the Judge here they are

1.where creatures roam 3 signed by Stan on first splash page in blue pen nice sig

2.marvel team up annual 4 has a big hole in bottom and sig goes into a black surface which makes the last two e hard to read but still very nice sig 

3. Amazing Spider-Man poster I don't know if is the original as I have never seen that one before nice Stan sig in spideys leg legible and nice 

now to the bad ones 

4. X- men deluxe 48 signed by Stan right In the black!!!! ???? still a nice legible signature if looked up closely and the important part is it's there 

5.this one is just weird but cool in the same time it's a coverless modern age book!!!! I have no idea what issue it is and don't know if it's just missin the first wrap or the cover or what ever it's just strange but Stan did sign it why did he sign it I have no idea but it is a Stan sig anyways the guy who sold me it was beyond disbelieve too but I guess you can tell your friends you have a coverless modern age marvel book that is signed by stan lol 

asking price $295 shipped

i mean I actually paid more than that but I end the money and fast really cool none the less and hey for anyone who wants to own some cool stan sigs even if someone them are "less" than cool lol 


















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