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Hello, is it possible to add the following?

Title Mars Attacks Kiss
Issue No. nn
Issue Date 1/13
Year 2013
Publisher IDW Publishing
Key Comments "Mars Attacks Judge Dredd" cover., Retailer Incentive.
Art Comments Chris Ryall story, Alan Robinson art, Greg Staples cover
Country/Variant - Staples Variant Cover



Thank you very much

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Could you please add the following sets:

  1. Batman: A Death in the Family (88)
    1. Batman 426
    2. Batman 427
    3. Batman 428
    4. Batman 429
  2. Batman: Under the Hood
    1. Batman 635
    2. Batman 636
    3. Batman 637
    4. Batman 638
    5. Batman 639
    6. Batman 640
    7. Batman 641
    8. Batman 645
    9. Batman 646
    10. Batman 647
    11. Batman 648
    12. Batman 649
    13. Batman 650
    14. Batman Annual #25
  3. Red Hood and the Outlaws (Rebirth - 2016)
    1. Rebirth #1
    2. #1
    3. #1 Variant

Thank you so much.

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Hello TheGirlHasNoName;

Adventure Comics 459-466

From issues 459-466 Adventure Comics was a 68 page, $1 book.  $1.00 was pretty much the price of 3 regular comic books combined back then, as result these did not sell in great numbers. The book's also have different front cover look which in addition to the page count and price I feel separates them nicely from the rest of the run, much as the later digests do.  Issue #462 in my opinion is Bronze Age minor key, albeit a sad one, as it features the Death of the GA/Earth II Batman. 

Many thanks for your time, effort and consideration in fulfilling this request.



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Greetings Mollie from all the way from Afghanistan, hope all is well. Can you add the set;

Savage Red Sonja: Queen of the Frozen Wastes w/variants

Thank you


Never mind Mollie, I just realized that is under the name Savage instead of just Red Sonja. My bad.

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Can you add the following sets? (with variants)

Nova (vol. 7)

Cavewoman: Destination Jungle

Cavewoman : Ankha's Revenge

Cavewoman: My Little Dino

Cavewoman: The river styx

Cavewoman: Mutation

Cavewoman: Oasis

Cavewoman: Raptorella

Cavewoman: Snow

Cavewoman: Freakin' Yetis

Morbius (1992 series)

Morbius (2013 series)

Doctor Voodoo: Avenger of the Supernatural


Thank You!!!!


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Can you please at "Action Comics #1000 w/ Variants"

  • Original by Jim Lee & Scott Williams
  • 1930s by Steve Rude
  • 1940s by Michael Cho
  • 1950s by Dave Gibbons
  • 1960s by Michael Allred
  • 1970s by Jim Steranko
  • 1980s cover by Joshua Middleton
  • 1990s by Dan Jurgens and Kevin Nowlan
  • 2000s by Lee Bermejo
  • Blank Variant
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