WTB: Superman 80 (1953) NO Restoration, Blue label CGC 5.5 or higher
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Hello all! =)

I've recently discovered a Golden Age book that’s nothing super special like a 1st appearance or Key issue, but love the cover & story line!

So I’m putting feelers out there for what people would be willing to part with.

Superman #80 (1953) NO Restoration, Blue label CGC 5.5 or higher (prefer higher, looking at a 5.5 currently & not super excited over it). I’m a cover art collector so I usually go for the higher grades because they present better! (When I can afford that luxury lol)

I desire a slabbed book because I’ve been burned now 4 times during my collecting years with undisclosed restoration &/or color touch. This way it takes that OUT of the equation!

Thanks for your time and look forward to some great responses!

please pm me with possible books so this posting doesn’t get over ran & confusing!

Thanks again!

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