WTB: Vintage Canadian Giveaway Comics (Ganes or McCarron)

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Hi everyone,

I am trying to locate comics made by Owen McCarron in Halifax, Nova Scotia under his Comic Book World imprint. These are the titles that I am looking for:


Adventures of Binkly and Doinkel, The # 1 

Adventures of Skoodi the Rabbit, The

Auntie Litter Comics

Aylmer “Taste of Canada” Comics (with E.S. Pea)

Cap’n Bluenose Comics

Colonel Ernie Comics #1

Colonel Sanders Comics #2

Gassy the Elephant Comics #1

L’il Easy Saver Comics #1

L’il Easy Saver Comics #2

L’il Easy Saver Comics #3

Reveen and Sons Unlimited # 1

Wayne & Shuster Comics #1

You and the Co-op


I'm also on the hunt for stuff published by Ganes Productions, including the following:

Alberta: Land of Freedom and Opportunity

A City Boy in the Woods

A Question of Survival

For Future Generations

Our Forest Lands

Smoking and Cancer

IGA Safety Guide for Bicycle Riders

Farm Machine Safety Sense for Everyone


B/A Football Guide

Builders of Canada: Sir John A. MacDonald

Anything from the Chex Punch Imlach or Coca-Cola Hockey Mini Comics Series

My preference is to purchase raw comics from Canadian sellers in CAD, but I will absolutely deal in USD with sellers outside of Canada. If you have anything like this please respond here or send me a pm. The price I am willing to pay depends largely on the title and condition. I am also looking for a variety of additional Canadian giveaways produced from other publishers. Let me know what you have and let's do some deals!




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I have an Our Forest Lands, plus some other stuff that may be of interest. I'm on the road, but will PM in the next day or so...


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Thanks, Brock. I received your PM.

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