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Hello All,

I recently had a collectors worst nightmare and had a massive basement flood while I was at work which has totaled 90% of my collection leaving me with 4 Slabs and less than 30 raw copies which were in the bedroom. I am after a Startling Comics 49 along with a handful of other books. I have books readily available for trade both Raw and Slabbed. Seeing as how I am barely active on CGC, you can find me on instagram under the username "comichaus".

I am looking for a 6.5 copy or lower. If anybody is curious to see what I am after, let me know and I will gladly post it or even message it to you (I live in Canada)

Thanks for looking everybody!




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I have a 6.5 copy which is lovely. Grading note says centrefold detached which must have brought down the grading as cover is blemish free so far as I can see. 

I am not at home but you can see bottom right in this picture.

I was not looking to sell but if you are interested you can make me an offer and may be persuaded.





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