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On 7/14/2019 at 4:41 PM, Daredevil73 said:

daredevil vol 1 which has been challenging and expensive, just got a Cgc 4.0 #2, only keys I need are #1, and 131 and the very last issue and approx 20 other issues, so once I have done this very fulfilling, 


Bravo! This is what I'm working on at the moment as well, but I'm nowhere close to finishing it. I'm closing in on a complete 175-300. I already have a high-grade 131, so the only other key I'm missing is 168. Will slowly pick away at the rest, and plan on making my final buy a mid-grade raw #1 (I won't even consider slabbing any of these until I complete the set). 

Some truly impressive and humbling runs posted in this thread. 

My only other collecting goals:

Iron Fist 1-15 and MP 15 (because I already have IF 14)

G.I. Joe 1-50, 155 (I have all but four random numbers) 

Elementals (vol. 1) 1-29 and JM Annual (for nostalgia's sake)

X-Men 1-94 and GSX (one can dream, right?)

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On 2/3/2018 at 10:30 AM, Jordysnordy said:

I have completed:

AF 15 and ASM 1 to present


Savage Sword of Conan

Peter Parker the Spectacular Spider-Man

Marvel Team Up

Iron Man

I've been at this for 30+ years and it was hard pre- internet to find high grade raw copies. You "youngsters" have it easy with eBay and the many other auction sites :preach:

You forgot Godzilla!!!!

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AF15, ASM 1 to 700

What If V1, V2

Silver Surfer 1-18, V2, V3

Phantom Stranger (1952) 1-6 & V2

Lots of post 1980 series that all have been long liquidated.

I still have the Phantom Stranger and What If Books with no intention to sell them. As for the others, they took up too much room and sold most of the non keys off.

 I’m nearly finished rebuilding AF15, ASM1-50, plus other keys.

 I’m also having fun just buying early Marvel SA appearances and trying to put mini runs together (Avengers 1-10). I don’t feel any huge pressure to finish them. I just pick away at them.



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Mainly esoteric GA runs for me.... Detective Picture Stories, Danger Trail, Negro Romance, Perfect Crime, CDNP 22-70, All Select, Atomic War, Dark Mysteries, Miss Fury, Fight 1-48, Rangers 1-35

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On 2/6/2018 at 6:35 PM, Artboy99 said:

Planet Comics.

Perhaps the run I am most proud of and that was arguably the hardest to complete.

It took me several years.

I utilized many online resources, and bought from CGC board members and bought at local comic shows and conventions. I sacrificed other books to be able to afford the books that eluded me ( Planet 15! )

There are not many members of the complete Planet Comics run club worldwide.

I was trying to stick to 5.0 and above for copies. Other than a handful I attained that goal ( always room to upgrade which I am slowly doing ).

I completed lots of runs over my years collecting comics: Spider-man including AF15, Hulk including Tales to Astonish and all of his appearances, Conan both Marvel and Dark Horse, Savage Sword of Conan. Silver Surfer 1-18, etc, but I think the Planet run is the hardest run I have completed.

Awesome run !

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all of my things have been newer series like ultimate spiderman, batman new 52, and the largest was wolverine vol 1, 2 and 3.

I tried buying them in large lots as much as possible, but was buying new issues as they came out somewhat too. I don't have any of those now though.

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