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15 hours ago, Terry E. Gibbs said:

and although I now have a couple of SC22s I never finished that GL run. Think I am missing 7, and just don't like the cover.


Hmmm .. I had not thought about that, for 30 years, but guess I really should finish it and improve the grade on some issues

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I had a long-winded version here, so edited.  My runs are limited to the main Hulk and Spidey keys.  I completed a run of the nine photo-composite covers with city (presumably NYC!) backgrounds.  If i find a tenth or more, I will hunt them down.  



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Not a large list, but here we go:


Fantasy Masterpieces 1-11 complete.

Captain Marvel 1-62 complete.

Amazing Adventures (vol 2) 1-10 (Inhumans).

Inhumans 1-12 complete.

Thor 146-152 (origin of the Inhumans).

Ms Marvel 1-23 complete.

Spider-Woman 1-50 complete.

Dazzler 1-42 complete.


Working on:


Wonder Woman 160-329.

Marvel super-heroes 12-105.

Collectors item classics 1-22.

Marvel team-up 1-150.

Marvel two-in-one 1-100.

Silver Surfer 1-18.

Sub Mariner 1-72.

Warlock 1-15.

She-Hulk 1-25.

Moon Knight 1-38.



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On 2/1/2018 at 3:09 PM, fishbone said:

and how did you complete it, how long did it take, how hard was it to do, how satisfying was/is it ?

Marvel Team up and two in one, my favorite series as a kid, currently have 207 issues of daredevil vol one to get, 1-4, some 20s and a 50-60 then done. Have a cgc set of miller run part one which taken me two years to get at nothing below 9.4


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