Ending Sunday Night - Kraven, Heroes For Hire, New Mutants, Vampirella, Gunfire, Punisher POV +

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Here are my art auctions ending Sunday night -



My art auctions ending tomorrow include Kraven, Punisher, Heroes For Hire, New Mutants, Vampirella and more. See here:

Kraven prelim, Original Comic Art, w. Spider-Man, by Al Rio, published by Marvel

Original Art of Alyosha Kravinoff the son of Kraven the Hunter by Al Rio, Marvel

Heroes For Hire #6, page 22, by Al Rio, Marvel Comics, Black Cat, Whole Team

New Mutants Forever #1 Page 9 by Al Rio, inks by Bob McLeod, Chris Claremont -w

Punisher P.O.V. hand painted background art Bill Wray, overlay Bernie Wrightson

Vampirella, The Second Coming #4 pg 9 Original Comic Art, Al Rio, Harris Comics

B@stard Stew Pg 29, Sexy Original Comic Art by Al Rio, Unplublished, Motorcycle

Gunfire #5 page 11 by Steve Erwin and Len Wien for DC Comics, Brian Garvey Inks


Let me know if you have any questions! - Terry

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