Ebay Auctions NR: Ms Marvel 1 CGC 9.6 1st Ms. Marvel, Harley Quinn New 52 Run, Deadpool Merc with a Mouth 1st Lady Deadpool, Supergirl 2005 Run, 1st Kamala Kahn 9.6, Batgirl Rebirth, Superpowers, Slapstick

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Collection Sell Off (7 Day Auctions Ending Sunday, February 18th!)


I have listed many comics up for sale as well as some runs of books. it is a mix mostly newer but I have some CGC books and Runs

Trusted Seller (100% Feedback)




Ms. Marvel CGC 9.6 1 Blue Label 1977 series (1st Carol as Ms. Marvel)

2013 Harley Quinn 2013 (0-30)---(34 Issues Total)

Merc With a Mouth 7 Deadpool (1st Lady Deadpool) CGC 9.6 Blue

Supergirl 2005 Complete Run (0-67 plus extras)---(70 Issues Total)

All New Marvel Point One (CGC 9.6 1st full Kamala Kahn as Ms. Marvel)

2017 Deadpool Versus The Punisher 1-5 Wade Wilson Frank Castle (5 Issues Total)

Batgirl 2016 Complete Run DC Comics Rebirth 1-17 + Annual 1 (18 Issues Total)

Batgirl Birds of Prey 2016 Complete Run Rebirth DC Comics (17 Issues Total)

DC Comics Super Powers 1-6 Complete Run Wonder Woman Batman Superman Flash (6 Issues Total)

Marvel Comics 2016 Slapstick 1-6 Complete Run Deadpool Clown (6 Issues Total)

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